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December 30, 2016
A great watch for any boxing fan
August 1, 2015
An interesting insight into the history of the Klitschko brothers.
½ May 14, 2014
Great material for a documentary. Even better that the persons are still alive yet they've achieved so much. Very neat documentary, high quality pictures and footage. It's long, but you can enjoy this very much. There's just so much to tell about this two great personalities. And this is the first documentary I watched that is going to have a sequel. Bold and brave.
February 17, 2014
I really enjoyed this documentary. If you are a fan of boxing -- you will too. They are very honest about how the outside world view the Klitschko Brother's heart. They do a great job presenting the Klitschko's with their criticisms -- except for one. How BOORRRING they are fighting. I can't believe they didn't touch on that -- and was so honest about all the other criticisms. It also feels like an HBO Sports production. Which made the editing fucking awesome. Like usual. Great cinematography also. Good times if you like boxing. Good concept. Good execution.
February 7, 2014
Superb! I found this very entertaining as I am a boxing fan. This is a balanced and humbling documentary! You couldn't help but cheer them on! It was hard to tell them apart but after some time I got it right. Lots of interesting information, and one of my favorite parts was when they encountered Don King. These guys are really humble.
½ December 24, 2013
so so doc a little too fawning & generic
July 28, 2013
My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.
½ April 27, 2013
Great documentary on an incedible story of two brothers who become World Heavyweight boxing champions at the same time. You could not make that story up and have it be believable. Well done.
April 8, 2013
Great documentary. Recommend it to everyone.
March 30, 2013
Interesting. I'm a huge boxing fanatic. Maybe I expected more.
March 30, 2013
The best documentary I have ever seen. That is some accomplishment for a movie where two Ukrainian speaking boxers are speaking German most of the time to a viewer that is reading English subtitles half the time. The filmmakers do a great job of balancing their life story with discussion of their differing styles and thoughts while simultaneously building up gradual suspense through their fights over their careers to the goal of winning the belts. At times focusing on the human element and yet very sport and culture-centric at others, Klitschko is a modern classic.
September 27, 2012
Well done! And I don't even like these guys!
September 8, 2012
Best boxing documentary I have seen. Maybe best boxing movie period
August 4, 2012
excellent documentary~
½ July 26, 2012
Great story about a pair of champions. Brotherhood knows no boundaries.
July 20, 2012
The Klitschkos have a good story to their careers and this movie portrays it well. It's nice to see when people who know nothing but success, hit a wall, and then train and work hard to earn their recognition.
July 12, 2012
Best documentary ever!
July 6, 2012
I wanted to rent it on Lovefilm but sadly are not offering it for rent so I had to buy this on Blu Ray. Heard rave reviews about this documentary and was not sure what to expect. Just because you are a fan of the sport does not mean you will appreciate a documentary based on it. For example, I am a big Wrestling fan but thought `Beyond the mat` was painfully average. Have to say this documentary was a fascinating watch. So sad but true, could not always distinguish if German or Russian was spoken. Could not believe they showed footage of the Klitschko brothers as teenagers. The documentary was not just about Boxing but the Klitschko`s whole life. From their birth in Kazakhstan (then Soviet Union) to Ukraine. Experience living under communism to the horrific aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster. Also, adapting to life in the West in America and Germany. You get to see probably never before footage of the Klitshko`s Mother and Father. Also, the highs and lows of their careers and the impact it had on them. Evens includes commentary from Boxing legend Lennox Lewis who fought the older Klitschko about 10 years ago. Definitely recommended.
Super Reviewer
July 4, 2012
In anticipation of Wladimir Klitschko's title fight on Saturday, I figured I would give this documentary a shot. I'm a huge boxing fan, and I think the Klitschko brothers are amazing. If you don't follow the sport, or know who they are, they are pretty extraordinary. Vitali and Wladimir are the first and only brothers to hold the Heavyweight championship at the same time(there are four belts, and they have them all). They have been absolutely dominating over the last 6 years, rarely losing a round in a fight. This documentary tells their story growing up Ukraine, through their amateur careers, all the way to their current success as duel champions. Full of interviews with them, their family, and people in the boxing world, this is very informative and perfect as a way to be introduced to them. However, me being a fan, I already knew most of their story(didn't really know their beginning's which I found fascinating). Big drawbacks on this movie, it drags quite a bit. Moves very slow especially for it's nearly 2 hour run time. Also, this is in German, so there are a ton of subtitles to read. I don't really mind subtitles, but when the movie is slow, I think that adds to it. If your a fan, or interested in finding out about them, this is a decent documentary, but it fails on the entertainment side of it all.
July 2, 2012
it's amazing to watch how well the klitchskos documented themselves from early of their career. the filmmaker clearly has superb skills of editing & storytelling. great movie.
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