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Four amateur ghost hunters vanish without a trace during a tour of haunted Hollywood, leaving nothing behind but this terrifying video footage.
R (for pervasive language and some violent images)
Horror , Mystery & Suspense
Directed By:
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LionsGate Entertainment

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Audience Reviews for Knock Knock 2 (1666)

First off I have to admit that I did not see the first film and I am wagering that has no significant impact on this films value. "Knock Knock 2" after watching the found footage horror flick left me fragmented in my opinion of it. The film follows four 20-somethings on a joyful horror venture to some pretty famous haunts around the L.A. area on Halloween night. Directed by Chris Sheng and starring Adain Cardei, Jordan Elizabeth, Alexander Popovic and Stephanie Love Underwood "Knock Knock 2" is stereotypically found footage. It is a paranormal ghost story that mirrors other stories but told in a reluctantly creative way. After taking their joy ride to several areas of famous deaths such as Sharon Tate, The Black Dahlia, and George Reeves they venture to one final haunt before calling it a night. This is where the story really begins to take hold and validate the plot line and basically it's whole reasoning for being made. I say that because although the movie starts with the innocent general get-to-know-the -cast routine and set up the following events there is really nothing of value or interest that happens for nearly thirty-six full minutes of this film, maybe longer. Even the trips to the first haunts seem trite. Harsh I know. How this movie manages to leave me fragmented is in the sudden and emotionally charged way the action and nightmare really takes off. Once the group get to that final f*cking horror house the sh*t really hits the fan. The tension and suspense picks up. There is a sudden chill to the atmosphere of the film that makes you thankful that you held on to the story instead of hitting stop or quitting the film. The camera stylizing is typical trick ponies as far as found footage go but in this film you are given a clear and present environment as opposed to some dark shady questionable surrounding that leaves you wondering "where are they?". The death scenes are not all that gratuitous or gory but they happen suddenly with eerie background sound effects and the impact of what unfolds is intense and entertaining. So "Knock Knock 2" is one of those that fits kinda in the middle of the paranormal found footage pile that has come out lately. It isn't a bad movie to watch, just hang in through the first thirty-five or forty minutes. It isn't one that will leave you scratching your head either- thinking how creative or intense the minds behind it must be. This paranormal ghost flick is great for the casual horror watcher that doesn't want to be too grossed out or deal with too much suspense and yet it has enough of a scare as it picks up in the middle to really leave you holding your breath at the end. I am glad I saw the film but don't think I would have missed much waiting for it to hit cable networks either.

rick russ
rick russ

In Hollywood, a group of four privileged adults decide to do their own haunted Hollywood tour at night. They travel to some of the most haunted sites in Hollywood, and end up at a house where they become trapped and haunted by the spirits that live there. Or something like that. I remember the original film, and this sequel has 0 to do with it. They just wanted people to rent or buy it based on the title, but it relates absolutely nothing to the original. It's another stupid "found footage" film, and is quite possibly the worst of the bunch. The whole first hour isn't scary at all, and the final scenes are even less scary.

Joe James
Joe James

Not in any way related to the original Knock Knock, which was itself a pretty crappy film, Knock Knock 2 borrows the name in the way that Zombi 2, 3, 4, etc. are Italian sequels to Romero's Dawn of the Dead--the connection exists in name only. Knock Knock 2 has a decent set-up: a group of friends driving around to investigate famous haunted spots in Hollywood (Sharon Tate, George Reeves, The Black Dahlia, etc.), but it fails to ever deliver on its premise. Unfortunately, it is one of those terrible found-footage films where there is simply not enough payoff for the interminable periods of waiting and watching people walk around.

Al Miller
Al Miller

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