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May 13, 2014
When a newly-wed parapsychologists Brad and Danielle Gallagher (Bloom and Rowe) spend a working honeymoon in a haunted house, they start working to unlock the identity of the ghost and learn why he or she refuses to rest. But will they solve the mystery before they are added to the undead residents of the house?

"Knocking on Death's Door" is a straight-forward ghost film that's decently filmed and staged, competently acted, and, aside from some "surprises" in the ending that are telegraphed waaaaay too loudly waaaaaay too far in advance, well written and paced. Even with the weak ending, the film is a solid spookfest and it should entertain lovers of haunted house movies.

(I think if this film had been made in the past couple of years instead of 1999, the sexual content would have been left out and it would have been a PG-13 spooker. In fact, if the newly-wed romping and raw sexual attraction [i]had[/i] been left out or toned down, this [i]would[/i] be a PG-13 movie.)

Knocking on Death's Door
Starring: Brian Bloom, Kimberly Rowe, David Carradine, John Doe, and Brian Glanney
Director: Mitch Marcus
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