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July 31, 2012
One of the best and the original movie I've ever watched. A master piece!
October 12, 2010
It's seven stories which on the first side have nothing to do with each other but they are connected by small small details, and that's the magic in it. It is a film about people, how they feel, what they're like, and it's about ridiculous little things as well. It's about the daily life of common people, but they are presented as heroes. A quite complicated story.
½ July 17, 2010
funny and intriguing, zelenka in good shape
½ December 12, 2009
A smart and humorous film from a great Czech director, his second feature. At certain points one can see the benign inexperience (though no unprofessional work), the uncovered thought behind the canvas, but it never disturbs the watching process. The film might be experienced as somewhat raw, with uncompromisingly long scenes, some almost intentionally loose ends, a bit imposing music, behind which the credited "friends of the director" are recognizable, but this is all like a mole on a beauty's face. It is a true early masterpiece, full of energy, with all the features of later work, and a bonus of enthusiasm and youthfulness.
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