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½ January 23, 2016
½ April 7, 2014

Where was Kong?
July 17, 2013
The only relationship to King Kong that this movie has are apes. These apes are not giants but are being brain controlled by the villain who hopes to use them as an army for conquering the world. The near-naked lady who was raised by them must team up with the villains ex-partner to stop them. Convoluted and confusing but somewhat entertaining.
½ November 14, 2012
A very slow, ridiculous film that has nothing to do with King Kong besides the fact that this movie has a few gorillas in it. Goofy looking gorillas at that. The plot is hilariously bad. A bit boring, but almost so bad it's good.
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February 15, 2012
Hoo boy, what's not in this picture?!? White bwana man roaming the jungle: check. Scantily clad jungle vixen that talks to animals: check. Mad scientist who wants to ... wait for it ... take over the world: check. Robot gorillas: check. Go-go dancing girls: you bet. Exploitation? Sure, but fun exploitation. Kong? No. Island? No. Nobody's perfect.
January 10, 2011
Standard in just every way imaginable, "Kong Island" essentially set the pace for every modern boring, trekking-through-the-jungle film ever to be put onscreen. From "Slave of the Cannibal God" to "Congo," these movies can effectively trace their DNA back to "Kong Island."

As helpfully pointed out by the Wikipedia page, this film doesn't take place on an island. Seemingly, it is set in a jungle some miles away and across a river from Nairobi. Also, King Kong's not in the movie.
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November 25, 2009
There's no Kong, and no island (it's an isthmus at best). There IS a mad scientist implanting transistors into the brains of gorillas to make them his slaves, a macho mercenary, a scantily clad Jungle Jane type wild-child, and a lot of backstory and subplots. Pretty dumb, but at least its unpredictable. .
May 20, 2009
[list][*]An "Alternative Classic" featuring an almost incomprehensible plot which would bring joy to the master, Edward D. Wood, Jr. Don't let the gratuitous violence at the beginning of the movie or the [i]very[/i] gradually evolving plot discourage you, this movie degenerates into a slow-motion train wreck of epic proportions. There are so many well, "special" moments in this movie that, after a while, I realized I was watching a movie worthy of note. The overdubbing of the Italian and Spanish stars falls below the production standards of contemporary Japanese movies. This overlooked Alternative Classic will likely place highly in my list of the 50 Best Alternative Classics. Not for the faint of heart![/list]
½ January 6, 2009
Har ingenting med King Kong att göra. En galen vetenskapsman styr sin ö med järnhand med hjälp av en armé gorillor som styrs med ett chip i skallen. Tämligen originellt måste medges.
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October 27, 2008
Kong Island aka: Eve, the Wild Woman, King of Kong Island. First off the Movie was filmed in the middle of Africa, only time I saw water was when big ole white musle man goes for a cool down in a stream and finds Eva the women of the jungle who seems to like monkeys over men, now heres a lady with the right idea. Anyway guess after King Kong came out any movie with a gorilla in it capitolised on the title Kong. some mad man who shoots the hero in the opening 2 minutes, implants monkeys with a tube and puts them under his control. Its a Grindhouse film as video color is washed out in many places, and I can imagine sitting in the theather back in the 60ties watching this or did I fall asleep and dream this. Anyway I got it in a grindhouse Double Shock Show DVD from Alpha Video. I would'nt run out and buy it but if you collect Grindhouse then throw it on the pile.
May 24, 2008
What started out as trash, KONG ISLAND easily became some of the most enjoyable sleaze-cheese I have seen in a long time.
December 24, 2007
This movie was so horribly bad. I can't believe I sat through it! Notice that there is no synopsis to go with show on facebook...that's because there was no plot. It was such a scattered movie with clips that lasted way to long and dialouge that seems entirely irrelevent to the movie. Spare your self 92 minutes. Unless you want to watch a movie that is awesomely bad!
December 20, 2007
This movie is so horrifically bad that I laughed all the way through. It was one of those movies that Dad bought on a whim at Wal-Mart...for one dollar. Such high quality. The plot is so incoherent that there is no use trying to follow it. It has a star-studded cast of big actors - just look up Brad Harris and see what you come up with. The 'magical boat' that floats itself down the river is stunning, the nature scenes last for hours on end, and the tight pants that Harris wears are priceless.
June 11, 2007
O my, I'm only half way through watching this and its great, especially the quality of dance skills (1968) at the party, and the elevator-style music in the opening credits! ah i could go on and on...
October 8, 2006
Ultra cheap, and very misleading. The packaging makes it look like a King Kong remake, hardly so. Poorly filmed, a very bad score, preposterous plot and awful cinematography.
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