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May 31, 2010
Dreadful and a boring film usually i enjoy B movies but this is an exception i got really bored from it half of the movie i spend spinning a coin to not fall asleep.
The story is not well played out very dull and not that interesting, mostly basic stuff.
Acting is horrible, one thing i would mention a couple of minutes as i watched and when i saw the main hero i thought he would be silenced because it would be better in my opinion but "Lee" played by Josiah D. Lee tried his best but failed the supporting cast also tried but did not succeed.
Sound and music was out of placed and not properly well thought out.
By the end they thought that the audience was really bored so they put some comedy in to spice the things up, and they did succeed it got even boring then it was.But it had his moments but only a few.
And the Finale was not that spectacular and memorizable.
Overall a really bad executed film
½ April 25, 2010
Amazingly bad...
fight choreography

for fans of B grade movies only.
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