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November 13, 2012
Its obviously a standard brittish film, The Krays movie has to be very challenging, especcially with its background, its very ambitious, it name says it all. The Krays. The both Kemp brothers do exceptionally well as the infamous and notorious gangster brothers its hard to point out any wrong doings. It portrays the London 50's style which I was excited to see, very faithful to its era and story was well researched. Not a worldwide movie but something brits will be glad to see. The Krays gave the Brits a movie to be well known for time to come.
½ November 11, 2012
I loved it, I thought this film was a great film, it starred Gary Kemp and Martin Kemp they played the Kray twins, I loved it, great film, Gary Kemp, Martin Kemp and Bille Whitelaw played good parts
September 20, 2012
The founding members of Spandau Ballet are laughable as the Kray twins in this poor British crime film.
June 13, 2012
I'm not too keen on gangster films, but this "based on true story" feature held my interest to the end despite its low production value and at times humourously hammy over acting.

The Kemp brothers put on a good performance, but some of the supporting cast were laughable! Passes on any glamourfication of crime in exchange for gritty realism and the dark places that the criminal underworld normally travels in.
½ June 9, 2012
I think the potential for this film was absolutely massive, but it falls down with some of the acting and how the film is put together. I think with a slightly different appraoch this could have become a great film as the underlying storyline is there.
June 3, 2012
one of my favourite films!
May 27, 2012
Great Gangster Film.
½ May 22, 2012
Exceptional early sixties hip gangster flick. Disturbing, riveting and up there with the best...And, the Sapdau Ballet twins give unexpectedly great performances. If you like gangster movies...see it.
May 10, 2012
Cant find it in T.Bay!
March 23, 2012
20 yillik bir gangster filmi icin fena degil
February 16, 2012
I was not a fan of this British crime flick, stick with Gangster No.1.
½ November 30, 2011
Between a 6/10 and 7/10, its occasionally successful, but not Peter Medak at his best.
October 12, 2011
didn't live up to the hype...hard to believe that this was considered ultra violent even back in 1990
June 14, 2011
I saw this years ago, nut in order to Review, I need to see again.All I remember is it was good
April 25, 2011
Los hermanos Gary y Martin Kemp, integrantes de la banda de musica pop Spandau Ballet debutan como actores en esta impresionante cinta basada en la vida de los hermanos Krays, dos de los gangsters mas famosos del Reino Unido. "The Krays" es una cinta que ningun fanatico del cine de mafia debe perderse y que tambien atraera a los interesados en dramas de cote psicoanalitico.
½ April 13, 2011
The Krays tells the story of two of Britain's most famous gangster-brothers from their childhood to their rise to power, and eventually to their fall. The film is more interested in being shocking then actually exploring the psyche of these two men, which really makes the film quite forgettable. There are some well constructed scenes, but for as many strong scenes there are at lest twice as man overly dramatized scenes that are just trying to a rise out of the audience. The "artsy" attempt to wrap the film in a nice package is almost laughable; showing a black and white stork flying over voiceover by the gangsters mother who they love dearly. I don't care whether I can relate to the characters; thats not the problem, but rather that we are never shown anything even scratching the surface of their psyche. Its really not as bad as this review would have you believe, but I was just expecting more.
March 19, 2011
Having seen this in 2011 for the first time, it seems a little cheap and dated-looking. It's an intriguing story though... good material for a remake?
½ March 6, 2011
Average portrayal of the murderous Kray twins, watch it if you've nothing better to do but I wouldn't rate it as anything terribly exciting, everything including the storyline is fairly average.
I'm sure if they tried they could have made it slightly more exciting.
January 7, 2011
One of the best British Gangster films. Of course certain liberties would have been taken it stills gives you a good insight about how much power they had in the east end of london. Wonderfully written, directed and acted - yes even the kemp boys.
October 15, 2010
Nowhere near as violent as the Kray twins actually were. The Krays is a film loosely based around the lives of the Kray twins Reggie and Ronnie, but a number of elements within in the film are completely fictional and never happened. OK its a fairly good film but its nothing special. The Kray twins were well known and feared because of their over the top violence and because they were hands on; they did the dirty work themselves. This film just shows them as a couple of boring mummy's boys, who have the odd fight now and again. I have to say I found the film quite disappointing, and if you haven't seen it you're not really missing much.
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