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September 9, 2011
Hugely unpleasant digital effort from the masterful Rose. This is an exercise in slow-boiling tension and the wonderful intricacies of jealousy and insecurity that form in a mature relationship. The final, incredibly disturbing scenes that close the film are as upsetting and macabre as anything Rose has done previously. A tragically over-looked thriller that should be sought out.
June 26, 2011
Dark, oh so very dark.
June 26, 2011
Marriage, jealousy, classical music, and a crazy ending.
April 14, 2011
A flawed movie about some very dislikeable and rich inhabitants of Beverley Hills which has a rather silly ending and not much before that. The film is not without its plus points however and is about a husband's jealousy at his pianist wife and her violin partner Aiden as they practice and perform Beethoven's The Kreutzer Sonata. Danny Huston's performance is fine as the paranoid Edgar and the sequences where we see and hear the sonata are very good. The movie suffers from an extremely annoying voiceover from Edgar and the overall direction is weak. The film is in the style of Curb Your Enthusiasm without the humour and has the subject matter of a Michael Haneke film without the feeling of fear he can instill. An average film but worth watching for the sonata and Danny Huston's performance.
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½ September 29, 2010
Rose partners up again with his go to guy Huston for a torrid tale of male jealousy out of control. It has a thoughtful, insightful script but is spoiled by its cheap look and technique.
September 21, 2010
Based on Leo Tolstoy's book and inspired by Beethoven opus of the same title, The Kreutzer Sonata is about couple Edgar and Abbey who met, fell in love and live a life of bliss with 2 kids. Until boredom and ennui visite Abbey, who wanted her life back, her friends and her cultural milieu. When a violinist was Introduced to Edgar for a charity program in some Third World country, he found the opportunity to have him paired with his pianist wife, in the hope of addressing her domestic woes. One thing led to another and Edgar found himself consumed with jealousy and tormented with his insecurity. And perhaps, addled by the story behind Beethoven's composition. Director Bernard Rose is a revelation but still several steps behind Hitchcock.
September 16, 2010
Just like Rose's and Huston's previous 'Ivans xtc', Sonata offers moments of mesmerizing, intense emotions. But even more than before film suffers from camerawork that obscures the narrative and often amounts to intelligible, but beautiful mess.
½ July 25, 2010
Definitely in the face....
½ July 17, 2010
Bernard Rose shows what we all know he's capable of and delivers a solid, assured, interesting, believable film. Danny Huston is terrific here.
June 13, 2010
Modern Tolstoy adaptation moving the sexual jealousy and rage to LA.

A demented performance from Huston dominates, as we share his sexual desire; frustration; jealousy; and paranoia towards a dramtic denouement.
½ April 28, 2010
I've always enjoyed Danny Huston's on screen presence (he may just be the living embodiment of the devil), and he's always capable of keeping you interested when he balances your pre-conceived ideas about the character with some pathos. One of his best performances is IvansXTC, and here he is re-teamed with the same director, Bernard Rose. This is the second part of a proposed trilogy of Tolstoy tales, and stylistically this definitely carries on from IvansXTC. Is his Pianist wife cheating on him? Is he imagining all the glances between her and Aiden, the Violinist? Is all the rough sex a bit too much? Though not as compelling here than as Ivan, the man set to self destruct, Huston shows enough inner turmoil and frustrated jealousy to keep your attention.
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