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½ October 11, 2016
It wasn't that bad of a movie, even for a sequel. Had its downs, but it was still fun.
October 6, 2016
Its no masterpiece, but it is worth watching just for the Gollum reference
August 23, 2016
Kronk's New Groove (2005) C-75m. ? D: Saul Andrew Blinkoff , Elliot M. Bour. Utterly worthless straight-to-DVD sequel to EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE has-what any straight-to-video sequel has-a painfully predictable, cookie cutter form of "plot", sub-par animation, terrible acting. But while some DVD sequels shine in at least a few areas, this one has absolutely no positive quantities--or laughs. Truly dreadful work in every department; you know it's bad when the writers couldn't even muster a few good lines for David Spade! Not even Bambi would give it a thumbs up.
August 21, 2016
Kronk's New Groove is a cinematic masterpiece. This 2005 classic saw limited audiences due to its direct-to-video release, but its impact on cinema and society as a whole is undeniable. Kronk's New Groove is a heartwrenching, laughter-inducing, timeless tail of humanity and the true meaning of friendship. I rate this movie five stars out of five; it is the greatest movie I have ever seen, the greatest movie ever produced, and perhaps even the greatest accomplishment ever achieved by mankind.
August 20, 2016
I cannot believe the level of quality that Disney pulled out with this movie. Both the original Emperor's New Groove and Kronk's New Groove are both masterpieces, just different kinds of masterpieces. You could say one is the Mona Lisa and one is The Starry Night. Also the Raisin Bread baking scene was just too much for me and I had to take a break to calm myself down and take a cold shower.
August 20, 2016
July 27, 2016
Personally, it was one of the better Disney sequels, such as Fox and the Hound 2, or Pocahontas 2, but I just couldn't live to the original. the animation was ok, the voice acting was great, but the humor was meh, and the story was kinda all over the place. Still like it, but honestly it wasn't as good as I had hoped
July 25, 2016
Awful, Stupid, And Definitely an F!

Score: 0/10
April 8, 2016
It's got it's good moments.
½ April 2, 2016
god-jesus this movie is terrible in soooo many ways
½ March 30, 2016
It almost doesn't get worse than this.
½ March 27, 2016
3/19/2016: Pretty disappointing considering Kronk was the best part of the first film. Not many laughs in this one.
March 7, 2016
A good sequel. It's great to be reintroduced to the characters again and see what happens after the events of the first movie. However as if you haven't seen the first one. You probably won't know what is happening. It's a good sequel but only an okay movie
February 15, 2016
whats with all the negative reviews?, this movie is great!
February 5, 2016
never heard of this movie hmmm!
½ November 10, 2015
151110: Too bad such a great concept unfolded in a stupid, nonsensical way. This story had so much potential. How could Disney go so wrong? Could've been a great sequel but instead is a flop. 2.5 stars but only because of the finale. What's with Birdwell's British accent? I could go on but won't.
November 8, 2015
Kronk's New Groove is a bit too generic to truly enjoy, even if' it's characters and humor are.
November 1, 2015
I loved this movie! Kronk's character represents values we all should consider adopting -- kindness, generosity, environmental awareness and willingness to stand up for what's right.
October 31, 2015
Kronk made me stop cutting.
½ September 21, 2015
The spotlight moved onto a favorable character from the original, and let the nature be mirrors the character's persona at decent results to become zanily comical like its predecessor, but with a little more sweetness and unfortunate, typical direct to video silliness. (B)

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