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½ May 13, 2012
Fans of Carradine's TV show might like this mostly bland V-cinema entry. There are a couple of good scenes, the climax is entertaining and worth watching.
January 13, 2012
Good action packed movie with good fighting and a nice storyline. A-little gun fight here and there. a nice sword fight here and there and a-lot of hand to hand combat.
May 24, 2011
got it as a present and wish i could give it back...
½ March 2, 2011
pretty gory but anything with David Carradine in it can't be bad. i must like this one, I've seen it 4 times now.
Super Reviewer
November 2, 2010
kung fu, david carradine, and daryl hannah, its not kill bill, but he did do kung fu the series which is more to this but unfortunatly even though you see carradine do stuff tarentino dident get him to do in kill bill volume 2, its rather dull, a guy out for revenge against a crime family, hannah playing a moll who gets connected to him, dont expect anything special. it has some scope and mixes the drama to a degree, but at the end of it all, nothing special
½ October 26, 2010
Sometimes it(TM)s very difficult to distinguish between kung fu movies and parody... Whichever this was, it wasn(TM)t worth watching. It does, however, remind us why we haven(TM)t seen Daryl Hannah in years.
½ August 27, 2010
so so... very so so... Daryl Hannah aging and becoming er... 'wide'... David Carradine RIP, you'll be remembered for better things than this...
July 31, 2010
Why is anyone fighting?

Two children were raised as brothers at a Chinese martial arts temple. As youths, they were banished from the temple for constantly fighting. Now, as adults, the two children are in rival martial arts clans. When one of the brothers kidnaps a young girl in the apposing tribe, a duel ensues of biblical proportions.

?You have no fear of my many guards??
?There are very few left.?

Philip Spink, director of The Duke, Once in a Blue Moon, Big and Harry, and Voyage of the Unicorn, delivers Kung Fu Killer. The storyline for this picture is awful and makes Ninja Assassin look Oscar worthy. The acting is mediocre to awful and the cast includes David Carradine, Daryl Hannah, and Anya.

?She?ll be quite beautiful when she ripens.?

I was flicking through the channels the other night and came across this title. The title of this film compelled me to watch this movie, and as I expected, this was an awful movie that felt made for television. This is comparable to Jason Statham?s Dragon Tale picture. Overall, I recommend skipping this movie.

?Hate is a magnificent force.?

Grade: F+
July 8, 2010
awww i must watch it
david.. was awesome :)
½ June 12, 2010
Not a very good Kung Fu Movie. A bit entertaining at times story had lots of holes acting was blah. Lots of limbs getting chopped off.
February 14, 2010
Good to see David Carradine doing what he's best known for, I hope people can think of him as the grasshopper and Frankenstein in Death Race 2000 and not how he died.
December 28, 2009
Wow, Hannah almost looks as old as Carradine. Not bad middlin' fare. Some decent fight scenes. Weird period placement with probably a lot of historical inaccuracies, but what the heck, there was some fighting and some stuff blew up.
July 7, 2009
Didn't like it to much. Some of the action was good but a lot of people didn't fit there parts (cough daryl) - Theres plenty of kung fu movies out there. Go see another one
June 14, 2009
cheesy, but enjoyable. R.I.P., K.F.K.
March 24, 2009
Spouting cliche after cliche mixed with some rather cheesy moments and the bad assness of David Carradine 's voice
½ March 17, 2009
i'd say the action in this film was entertaining, and actually pretty bloody in some places, but this film just didn't have anything else going for it, besides being a kill bill reunion of sorts, although daryl hannah wasn't anything special. i wouldn't even watch this if i was bored.
February 18, 2009
Pretty fun if you're into kung fu stuff. It's always great to see David Carradine in action.
January 9, 2009
Merkelig nok, til tross for nesten ekstreme mengder blod, sår, innvoller, beinpiper gjennom huden, drap og slossing, dvs i form av kung fu-slossing, så er det på en måte litt kjedelig. Men som sagt, det spares ikke på blod og dritt. Så langt fra pg13 du får det.
December 14, 2008
So bad I fell asleep twice during it.
Also, the fight scenes are lousy, badly choreographed and you mostly never see David Carradine actually land a blow. He'll pretend he's punching while making some sort squirming face that should be acting, then there'll be some cutting and the guy drops dead. Same thing all the time.
It's like they die from his terrible acting.

Alguns filmes so to ruins que so bons, outros so to ruins que so ruins. Este do segundo tipo. Mas vale algums risadas pelo estilo David Carridine de ser.
A cena em que ele mata um cara com um soco que nem deveria ter acertado direito me rachou o bico.
December 4, 2008
Good action packed movie with good fighting and a nice storyline. A-little gun fight here and there. a nice sword fight here and there and a-lot of hand to hand combat.
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