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January 23, 2008
brings alot of memories for me.. so for me.. i really loved it and can watch the film again and again.. love the song aao na..
½ January 21, 2008
i love the movie but that's really sad that vivek and ash boke up ech of themmm
January 12, 2008
Nice movie. I don't really like the end.
½ December 31, 2007
5 stars goes to the song "aao na". I watched the film for the song only.
½ December 28, 2007
I like it!(bollywood Movie)
½ December 15, 2007
THE ENDING WAS FUNNY! Iam sure pplz who have seen it would agree
½ December 8, 2007
ok movie......not that good....only reason i watched it wuz cuz of vivek , aish cant was ok, time pass id say..
November 18, 2007
Kyun........................................................................................................;Ho Gaya Na
½ November 14, 2007
Aish looks disgusting asusual.
October 2, 2007
cutesy wootsie lil bollywood movie. Aish looks lovely, I love her when she plays happy characters. Amitabh was annoying but it was an enjoyable movie. Whatever happened to her test results though?
September 30, 2007
loved it... such a cute, funloving movie... aishwarya and vivek were great! ;)
September 28, 2007
Aishwarya and Vivek were absolutely FAB in this movie, the songs were catchy, i mean some of the songs..
the movie itself, hmm.. its not good but its not bad either, its fun watching it while theres nothing else to do or to watch..
its not a dissapointing film..
½ September 16, 2007
very funny nice songs a little sad at the end
½ September 14, 2007
such a cute movie
so ramantic
i dont like asih much
but she looked really good. and of course vivek. not the best movie but a must see over all this movie had its moments. i really liked it.
September 8, 2007
Such a good movie...comedy...romance...sooo moe
September 8, 2007
I luv the ending.. This is a nice romantic movie!
½ September 6, 2007
dont know y i liked it but i did! tp!
August 28, 2007
horrible..period. ash was kinda of immutre..and the vivke..i cant say anything.. he sucks bigtime.. i hate people who come into bolly just cause their father is in it..
August 25, 2007
Romantisk komedie. Diya blir forelsket i Arjun, men han tror p arrangert ekteskap, ikke kjaerlighet.
½ August 20, 2007
Horrible. Horrible plot and horrible songs. I don't like Aish, so she makes it even worse. The only thing that got me through was Vivek.
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