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La Mansión de la niebla (Maniac Mansion) (Murder Mansion) Reviews

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½ March 28, 2014
It has some okay moments, but the first of the film doesn't create much. It's slow, bland, full of stale characters, and a rather cheesy plot. Forgettable.
March 2, 2014
Surprisingly good old-fashioned chiller that doesn't rely on gore and nudity--A good combination of thriller and Gothic horror potboiler!!
November 4, 2012
Mill Creek's 50 Movie Pack: Chilling Classics Reviews
LA MANSION DE LA NIEBLA (Translation: THE MANSION OF FOG)/ MANIC MANSION/ THE MURDER MANSION [1972]: A low budget Spanish production from 1972 that sees a group of strangers getting lost in the fog in a rural region. The group take shelter in an abandon mansion for shelter, in all good horror movie lore the place is "haunted" and one by one the group are slowly killed off. With decent dubbing and acting, makes this an enjoyable film worthy of a 60%.
½ July 16, 2012

I'm sure it was very scary back in 72'.
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November 2, 2011
After watching, I can see why The Murder Mansion ends up in so many DVD boxed sets.With the spooky mansion, creepy background, A supposedly undead Aunt & her loyal & also undead chauffeur I was expecting a horror classic but what I really got was more of a suspense flick instead
October 9, 2010
a perfect rainy day film
½ January 3, 2010
Sooooo Stupid, yet I wasn't bored.
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½ March 16, 2009
This one I am told was filmed in Spain ( My Thoughts were for Italy). A Number of Couples end up spending the night at a mansion on a foggy dark desolate road. While staying at this creepy mansion, where the host talks of witches, and vampires, ghost and killings, There seems to be a plot to kill some of those staying. It the end all we see is the couple who got away riding off in the sunset on there motorcycle. Very soft nudity in this one, back when all women had long hair and wore long dress type gowns to bed. Opens with a nice Mustang (1970) running down the road, with a VW close in tail. How did they get a Mustang to Spain??? To me not really a horror flick more of a Mystery / Suspense type film. I got this in a 10 Movie Collection from BCI called Curse of the Dead. This copy really took me back to the movies at the Drive-Inn?s Even the sound had the echo effect. I have to give it 3 1/2 stars, cause of the B factor / Drive-Inn Theme.
February 1, 2009
strangers stranded by fog in a mansion, but what are the secrets of it & the stranded guests? most people have a dark secret...
½ December 13, 2008
Surprisingly competent for this kind of movie. A bit creepy and with a complicated story to boot. Not good, but not bad either
December 10, 2008
Not bad. Not great, but not bad. Fairly predictable, but has some good cinematography and some genuinely creepy moments. A little shaky in the plot department, but overall not a bad little film.
October 12, 2008
Part Of Joe's Moonlight Drive Cinema. Couple Of Scary Moments but Not My cup of tea! Thought It would be a Little Like Psycho, But it's a dubbed french Movie. Glad I only Paid fifty cents for this!
½ September 20, 2008
A group of travellers seek refuge in an abandoned village due to a dense fog. What starts as an effective creepy storyline degenerates into an elaborate hoax full of plot holes. Terrible makeup.
July 29, 2008
Thus begins my Chilling Classics 50 Movie Pack. 50 films for less than £10. I'm not expecting great things, obviously, but this was actually pretty good. I'm slightly confused by the ending due to all the Italian chaps looking the same, especially when slightly blurred, but I have a satisfactory theory. But yeah, a promising start to the set.
June 29, 2008
from a visual standpoint, it had a lot of neat shots when outside of the mansion...inside, they weren't bad but they were nothing special. but anyway, the movie is a little slow at times, but it's actually pretty well done...i expected it to be a lot worse than it was. all in all, it's a pretty good li'l nugget of horror film history.
February 4, 2008
This movie moved along a little slow, but at the end everything comes together... Some weak deaths, but also could have been a lot worse... The end reveals the "wtf's" you think during the movie. I did like the creepy, spooky cemetary surroundings, not to mention the creepy woman and her equally creepy partner. All-in-all not THAT bad, but could have been better!
January 27, 2008
Horror = Not interested.
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