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October 9, 2011
damn, this is a sad ass movie, and what's even more sad is that things like this happens in real life, people get blame and punished for something they didn't do, while others have the ability to do something about it and they chose not to, and see them suffer, and by the time they speak their mind it's too late
February 2, 2011
i cannot see this movie
plsss help me
January 28, 2011
plss... i want to see this video, some body help me
½ January 27, 2011
pudiendo ser una buena pel├şcula en toda la extensi├│n de la palabra, da la impresi├│n de tocar un tema tan delicado como es el linchamiento, de una menra ligera y sin ning├║n tipo de reflexi├│n que ayude a superar instintos sociales violentos y primitivos. en fin, es recomendable, pero creo que, en este aspecto, muy criticable.
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