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August 31, 2015
Great acting, shocking final, laughs, deserves the Oscar nominee, and maybe it deserved winning. Can't give five stars because I didn't saw it complete.
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February 27, 2012
When a middle aged petit bourgeois longs for love to come into his lonely and mournful existence, he has the luck of savor it as a fresh breath of air, but soon realizes about the cruel destiny that awaits for all of his kind. Hector Alterio's face in the very first shot already warns us that his life is condemned to be cyclic, to repeat itself, he has a life sentence of fate and social conventions. His performance is quiet, taciturn at first, but by the end his grief is so strong that engulfs the screen in agony.
June 24, 2010
PAN AND SCAN. No carece de interés, pero su presentación es fundamentalmente académica y ordinaria. / Not without interest, but its presentation is fundamentally academic and ordinary.
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November 3, 2008
nominated for best foreign film at the oscars
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