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March 28, 2015
really bad and not in a good way
½ February 11, 2014
Generic plot with stale acting, but the effects were good and there are some decent moments. It gets confusing however, and slow at times. The characters get old fast, while the film doesn't pick up in pace. A few memorable scenes, but the rest is a mess.
January 17, 2014
Well worth a look, as most all of the Paul Naschy films I've seen have been reliably Gothic and Universal Monsters influenced, and this one is no exception. Naschy helps some co-eds looking for the grave of a vampire witch, who naturally can't just stay dead, cue the vamps versus werewolf action.

Worth a rental.
½ January 7, 2014
Naschy the man is a lot more interesting than this mediocre movie--An imaginative and fun fur flick!!
½ November 10, 2013
Fun little bloodfest.
½ April 22, 2013
Not bad, Pretty cool idea but the picture was was so old and poor in quality.
½ January 11, 2013
Having a great feel and for a few moments having some fun, this is pretty much a mess. After about a good forty minutes of decent drive-in times it veers off into something that I lost interest in.
½ October 30, 2012
a decent 70s horror film.
½ October 13, 2012
Ive changed my mind about this movie. I like it. I like how the vampire women look in slow motion. There are some nice, spooky vampire footage. The poor colour quality is bothersome though; the sky looks an unnatural cyan. It a B horror movie I really like.
June 4, 2012
no info = no interest
½ May 11, 2012
As confident as Paul Naschy is in his self-assurance as an international horror star in the interview included with the DVD of this, I had never heard of him or his work. I don't say that in a negative or mocking way, but apparently he's a very famous Bela Lugosi-type in his home country but in today's horror market he doesn't even seem to be a footnote. It doesn't matter a whole lot really except to hardcore horror film fanatics like myself I guess. Werewolf Shadow (AKA Blood Moon, AKA The Werewolf VS. Vampire Woman, AKA Night of the Walpurgis) is apparently the fifth film in a Spanish werewolf series. I can't say that it's amazing or incredible. Most of its value comes from its unintentional comedy. It does have some atmosphere to it and some creepy visuals, but overall it doesn't hold up at all. At least to me.
April 30, 2012
Pretty bad, but some cool scenes with cute vampire ladies.
September 30, 2011
Having a great feel and for a few moments having some fun, this is pretty much a mess. After about a good forty minutes of decent drive-in times it veers off into something that I lost interest in.
September 30, 2011
I think I remember watching this with Ivonna Cadaver, yeah genius. This film was pretty boring which I really did not care about, but not absoloutely terrible. Chances are you are not going to see it, so there. There is that.
July 1, 2011
Campy, low-budget drive-in fun with Paul Naschy as a werewolf back from the dead to combat a couple of rather nice-looking vampiresses. The werewolf is the hero in this one, but that doesn't stop him from growling and snapping and generally overacting in amusing ways. Brain-dead dialogue (dubbed), outdated special effects, a sprinkling of partial female nudity, and attempts at creating mood with smoke and darkness that sometime result in a black screen and growling. Worth a watch for connoisseurs of European grindhouse fare! Get ready to laugh when you least expect it.
March 19, 2011
An enjoyably kitch and almost comic book like 70's Spanish horror/exploitation movie. Has a great gothic atmosphere, surreal quality, and features a memorable perfornance from Jacinto Molina (Paul Naschy) as the cursed lycanthrope Waldemar Danininsky. Downside of this film is theres too much unneccessary and predictable diologue which at times gets tedious "but that can really be said of most 70's Euro Horror!" Naschys' character along with the spooky vampire woman sequences and director Klimovskys' visual flair make it memorable in all the right ways. Overall a resonably good bad movie!
December 5, 2010
69% I have a feeling the next time I see this film, I'm going to like it a bit more.
½ November 1, 2010
No where near as good as the title, The werewolf v vampire woman suggests. Good in parts but it drags on which is typical if these sorts of 70's vampire movies
½ August 7, 2010
Waldemar Daninsky (Paul Naschy) returns from the grave to reek more havoc as a Werewolf,however he is more the hero of this film and the Villain is a Elizabeth Bathory Inspired Vampiress who is out to make more of her kind,its up to Daninsky to stop her.Pure Entertainment from start to finish,a good mix of 70's Euro Chic,folklore and blood.
Super Reviewer
½ April 29, 2010
Why do I do it to myself? The best part was the beginning and they way the vampires walked, more like floated, that was cool. Other than that it's just another crappy horror flick.
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