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½ May 16, 2016
Netflix lists this as 2011 not 2013 me I d/k which is correct just saying its another prison pic French style also I watched the English version not original version of this
½ May 3, 2016
A good movie, but not "spectacular" as I was led to believe.
October 4, 2015
A BreathTaking French Thriller you must watch!
½ January 3, 2015
Like the Break Mansions, there is also a little too much running and chasing in this film,but the story is smooth and furious.Maybe unlike many American films, there is not too much Bus-explosion,legs tearing apart, but all that running always keeps your tension high. About Morel and his wife's criminality, it is really horrific. Wife helped his demon husband rape and kill young girls, what a fucking sick couple!! what make me more painful is that it happened in my country before.
½ July 3, 2014
Nice forward moving thriller with a welcoming disregard to standards only muted by the un-needed and un-wanted epilog.
May 29, 2014
A superior French crime thriller that does not disappoint
January 10, 2014
Se laisse regarder matous c'est du vu revu et rà (C)chauffà (C)...
½ November 26, 2013
pretty good french crime thriller.
July 15, 2013
Tight little French action film... with gravitas.
July 1, 2013
not bad but often not believable
½ January 7, 2013
Très bon thriller/poursuite où Dupontel orchestre lui-même la plupart des cascades.
August 16, 2012
Indestructible middle aged hardman befriends his cellmate in prison who turns out to a serial killer and casues a rather a lot of bother to his family. This prompts our convicted hero to escape prison and do a lot of running from the coppers to find this serial killer.
½ May 8, 2012
Good one to waste 1:40.
½ April 25, 2012
Superior French crime thriller with plenty of bloody action for the knuckleheads.
I won't detail the plot as that will spoil it -- just watch this & see why Hollywood is doing it so wrong these days!
January 28, 2012
solid made thriller....supenseful with some nice twists...very good entertainment
January 27, 2012
Thank me.
No one seems to have seen La Proie yet and I am telling you that you should.
The terrain is familiar. Franck Adrien, a thief who has very few days left for his release still jumps a prison . Meanwhile his cellmate,Jean, who was arrested wrongly for child molestation is let go. There is an ex cop who still feels he shouldn't be. There is a hot policewoman in pursuit of a serial killer. She is pissed that she has been asked to chase Franck, a low life thief first before someone who is dumping bodies all around the place. All these people are either shooting at each other, chasing one another, climbing up trains, frequenting car crashes or dying on us in the 1 hour 30 minutes that La Proie keeps us tuned.
Genre: Thriller
Recommander? Si
November 20, 2011
por lo general los thrillers, sbretodo lso franceses, me gustan mucho, pero esta quedo muy regular para mi gusto
November 14, 2011
EXCELLENT french movie ! Worthwhile seeing. No big stars, firts class director.
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