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½ January 8, 2014
Lulu a 15 ans et une maman dépressive qui passe son temps assise sur un banc dans leur jardin. Un jour, Lulu trouve une photo de sa mère jeune, avec un sourire radieux. Après quelques recherches, elle découvre que sa mère a connu un homme avant son père, et que ce dernier était la source de son bonheur. Ni une, ni deux, elle décide de retrouver l'amour de jeunesse de sa maman pour lui rendre le sourire.
Carine Tardieu aborde des thèmes délicats dans son film, tels que la dépression et la maladie. Chloé Coulloud incarne Lulu, ado de caractère déterminée à aider sa mère. Karin Viard est la figure maternelle à « sauver ». Les intentions sont bonnes, le jeu d'acteurs est juste, mais je n'ai pas réussi à éprouver la moindre sympathie pour cette mère qui a décidé d'être malheureuse, aux dépends de son mari et de sa fille. On n'a pas d'indice permettant de comprendre son attitude extrême. Oui, son amour de jeunesse est terminé, mais il y a pire tout de même ! Surtout que son mari actuel (Pascal Elbé tout en tendresse) est montré comme attentif, gentil et amoureux. Comment justifier un tel repli sur soi ? De même que la quête de Chloé pour donner du bonheur à sa mère implique de devoir faire du mal à son père : retrouver son ancien amant !
Pas mal réalisé donc, mais je n'ai pas été du tout attirée par le problème du personnage de maman.
October 22, 2013
Do you have your own beautiful secret memory?
May 29, 2012
Lulu's other has been depressed and sickly as far back as she can remember. She tries to find out what caused this until she stumbles upon a photo that could have been the cause of her mother's state. She decides to track down the man in the picture in hopes of bringing radiance to her mother's life. I find the story original. However, I think some of the characters are underdeveloped (e.g. Lulu's father) and that some issues were not properly resolved. Even the ending is hanging. This was promising, until you reach about 4/5 of the film.
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September 10, 2011
A sinful and seductive scheme to claim the once lost first love and right to happiness, In Mom's Head is a quirky, passive-aggressive, and energetic narrative that values reality over fantasy. Radiant.
½ June 29, 2011
Fresh, quirky and an awesome coming-of-age movie.
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May 11, 2011
This French film brings us wonderfully crafted story of a young girl and her determination to discover the truth behind her mother's enduring depression and illness. I'll have to mention right at the beginning Karin Viard exceptional role where she plays the inexplicably complicated character Juliette who's only passion seems to be the goings on of her own intestines, a symptom of her mysterious illness. In Mum's Head, a charming cameo from singer and actress Jane Birkin as the mother of Lulu's fantasies is followed by graphic daydream sequences as Lulu hypothesises...what's in mum's head?

Imagine fifteen-year-old Lulu who wonders why her mother Juliette sits on a bench outside their country house and stares into space day after day seemingly without a passion for life... and after that imagine her finding a picture of her mother young, topless and radiant, which is a world apart from her mother's current sad facade. Later, snooping around she reveals a hidden Super 8 tape which shows her mum frolicking care free with a handsome young man. Lulu believes if she can find the man in the tape it might help her mum find closure and happiness as she is convince her mum's true love got away...

If you have a chance to ever see this real art work of Carine Tardieu from the official selection of the Cannes festival, just do it - and enjoy it in full!
April 20, 2010
A light-hearted tale of lost love, letting go of it, and embracing life in full in the present. At times very funny.
April 28, 2009
This was entertaining french comedy. It had a pretty interesting hilarious coming age story of tough beautiful 15 year old girl to discover her mum's past romance. The dialouge was very good...funny also great acting mainly on the LuLu character and others. I think girls will like this.
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