Nov 2, 2015
An emotional road-movie where two brothers must define who they really are. [Full review in Spanish]
Oct 28, 2015
La Vida Despues is a notable exercise in psychological observation rather than traditional entertainment. [Full review in Spanish]
Oct 23, 2015
The visual presentation of the film anticipate something of melancholy and reverie. [Full review in Spanish]
Oct 23, 2015
Jose dela Torre's photography of Sonora's desertic landscape goes perfectly with the smart and hard story that's told in Pablo's excellent directorial debut. [Full review in Spanish]
Oct 23, 2015
Much of the elements of the road movie that are often used in Mexican cinema are present, but here they're used as part of the story to show how much a family can be fragmented when one of its members is missing. [Full review in Spanish]