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October 8, 2002
An intriguing look at the French film industry during the German occupation; its most delightful moments come when various characters express their quirky inner selves.
October 8, 2002
The heat of the moment prevails. It cooks Conduct in a low, smoky and inviting sizzle.
October 7, 2002
Rises and falls on the strength of its individual episodes. Mostly, it rises, though its extreme length ill suits its anecdotal structure (or perhaps vice versa).
October 5, 2002
At nearly three hours, the whole of Safe Conduct is less than the sum of its parts.
September 1, 2002
Though it is by no means his best work, Laissez-Passer is a distinguished and distinctive effort by a bona-fide master, a fascinating film replete with rewards to be had by all willing to make the effort to reap them.
August 7, 2002
Overlong, occasionally unfocussed, yet a fascinating glimpse at the French film industry under German occupation.
February 13, 2002
It's a clear-eyed portrait of an intensely lived time, filled with nervous energy, moral ambiguity and great uncertainties.
January 16, 2002
By turns gripping, amusing, tender and heart-wrenching, Laissez-passer has all the earmarks of French cinema at its best.
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