Nov 13, 2019
A little mystery. A little love. Heartache, heart-wrench, sentimentality and romanticism. It will touch your heart.
Aug 30, 2009
A satisfyingly sarcasm-free ode to the flickering absurdity of romance
Aug 7, 2008
Sep 27, 2006
Maybe I'm just overly romantic or sentimental or just plain naive, but I probably liked The Lake House more than I should have.
Aug 21, 2006
A little under water, but it still floats.
Aug 2, 2006
Like all good romantic movies there's a beautiful house on the lake and a cuddly dog. Good dialogue, great direction, sweet cinematography and good acting -- even by Keanu.
Jul 25, 2006
An intriguing idea. Too bad the asteroid sized temporal paradox ruins the end of the flm.
Jul 11, 2006
It refreshingly becomes less about time travel and more about the choices we make and the chances we miss.
Jul 6, 2006
Agresti has effectively skirted around hard logic with his velvety presentation.
Jul 1, 2006
Bullock holds her half of the movie up well, proving that she can do subdued just as well as sunny.
Jun 29, 2006
Considered as a vehicle for what I was looking for, (namely these two stars) a success. As a critic, some things you forgive.
Jun 28, 2006
I have always felt that both Ms. Bullock's patented expressions of anguish and Mr. Reeves' stoical minimalism have been somewhat underrated.
Jun 24, 2006
The most romantic movie since 'Somewhere In Time'
Jun 24, 2006
The Lake House demands a serious suspension of disbelief, but if you accept it as a romantic bit of nonsense, it has its pleasures.
Jun 24, 2006
If you're not sucked in by the romance of the story, there's a chance you'll find it laughably awful, thanks to poorly written lines and Keanu's delivery of the world's least convincing sneeze.
Jun 24, 2006 effective romance...
Jun 24, 2006
A compelling idea delicately handled and neatly played, especially by Bullock. It just lacks the emotional directness to turn the good into the great.
Jun 21, 2006
Good, but put simply, any romance that doesn't make at least one successful major assault on your tear ducts is one handkerchief shy of great romance.
Jun 20, 2006
The entire concept sounds like something Tony Leung dreamed up on a bender during 2046. Sure, it's complete nonsense... but what lush, irresistibly entertaining nonsense.
Jun 19, 2006
Reeves and Bullock bring the right balance of emotions to their roles. They give The Lake House its humor, its drama, and its undeniable romantic spirit.