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½ March 28, 2017
1.5/5. Better then part 3, but not nearly as good as 1 or 2. Apart from Robert England and a few fun kills, The Final Chapter is not very memorable and considering there is a 5th film, so much for a Final Chapter.
½ July 30, 2016
Black Lake has now been turned into a crocodile sanctuary with a 10 ft high 10,000 volt fence. A high-school swim team field trip bus accidentally enters the park, so the local sheriff (mother of one of the students trapped), a father of one of the students, a poacher from the previous installment, and Freddy Krueger search the area to find the kids. Limited cgi (b/c it's terrible), much gore for a made-for-TV, many die. The best of the sequels.
July 30, 2014
Aspires to nothing, and nearly achieves it. Yancy Butler gets a fun role.
½ June 29, 2014
Is this the last one really? The ending doesn't make me think so. I am glad to see Robert Englund in this and some of the cast from the previous movie! The effects are still lame as second and third, but the story is good.
April 12, 2014
One line summary: Better than 2 and 3; not as good as the original.


Reba from the third installment wakes up in the supermarket where the final bloodbath took place. A giant croc approaches her, but Reba lets it know who is the boss.

Some time is elited. Reba is now working for the EPA, not entirely of her own volition (work for us or go to jail, that sort of thing). The new law is Sheriff Giove. Giove, Reba, and the 'tree hugger' Dennis capture a small croc for study using an anesthetic dart. They return to the shore and talk to the folks who are building and maintaining the electric fence around the lake. This includes Loflin.

The professional poacher Jim Bickerman and cohorts approach the same point when fewer people are present, then break in to kill at least one croc. They beat up Loflin's son Max to get there.

Giove sets up a chick flick night with her daughter Chloe, but Chloe goes off on a fun outing with a busload of other late teenagers. The bus goes through the gate opened by Bickerman and his allies. They tell ghost stories and have make out sessions. Giove, meanwhile, gets closer to Loflin.

The next morning, the party group at the lake is missing a member, and they call the sheriff. The sheriff, Loflin, and Reba arrive at the now-closed gate, and talk things over with the engineer who closed it. They attempt to rescue the idiots, er, the party goers.

During the process, they meet Dennis again, who was working on his project, and not at all helping the overall order of the proceedings.

Will Loflin be re-united with his son Max? Will the sheriff and her daughter survive? Will there be enough crocs left over for Lake Placid: the Final Chapter, part II?


Cinematography: 8/10 Mostly quite good, but not the CGI.

Sound: 7/10 The actors are well-miked, and the incidental music usually appropriate to the occasion whether it be creepy, foreboding, or pleasant.

Acting: 6/10 Roehm, Butler, and Nichols were fine, as was England, though his role was on the short side. Benedict Smith, Daniel Black, and Ako Mitchell were not great, but were better than I expected.

Screenplay: 5/10 The dialog was not great, but was much better than one usually gets in such films. The interconnections of the poacher with the first films was interesting, as was the connection of the poacher to the tree hugger.
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½ January 21, 2014
I highly enjoyed the first film, it was a lot of fun and I loved Betty White in it. I on the other hand hated the second film and while the third film was a step up I didn't think much of that either. Lake Placid: The Final Chapter is not as good as the first, but considering as I was prepared to hate it it was the best of the three movies following. The film by all means is not perfect, the film does start off rather slow with no signs of the crocodiles until about 35 minutes in. And while we are waiting we do have some sluggish pacing and two romances that in all honesty I was left indifferent to. Some of the effects on the crocodiles at times do look less than brilliant as well, but I have seen much worse. Problems aside, Lake Placid: The Final Chapter is actually one of SyFy's more tolerable movies of late. The crocodiles are actually quite menacing, and their attacks are very gory and nail-biting with lots of chopped off heads, ripped out limbs and tearing people to pieces. Not for the squeamish, but those who are looking for this as part of the entertainment will not be disappointed. The film does look decent too, with atmospheric scenery and the editing is already an improvement over most SyFy movies in terms of quality. The score is intense, and the script is surprisingly fun, the one-liners are witty and the exchanges are humorous. I also liked that some scenes were hilarious, the scene where a crocodile is beaten to death with a gun is very silly but not to the point that you are left frustrated. The story is more than decent too, it doesn't feel like a rehash, after the 35 minute mark it never gets dull, and while predictable in places it makes up for it in spirit and suspenseful atmosphere. The characters are clichéd in a way, the Sheriff character is one that I have seen one too many times, but actually are much more likable than the usual SyFy character. This is helped by the better-than-average acting, especially from Robert Englund and Yancy Butler. So overall, not a great movie but when it comes to SyFy Lake Placid: The Final Chapter even with its foibles is one of their better overall movies. 2 1/2 stars 1-2-14
½ January 3, 2014
yet another syfy movie with no logic and failed to entertain audiences
December 23, 2013
Nowhere near as good for being so bad or as memorable as the last croc rampage committed to film.

But at least as it's the final chapter lake placid's troubles should now be over...right?
½ December 4, 2013
Its ridicule and stupidity is truly atrocious but it was used for nicely effective carnage terror. A good film this will never be but dumb fun, it certainly is in an amusing and deriding manner.
October 28, 2013
Better than the previous 2 straight to TV sequels but light years behind the excellent original!
October 3, 2013
Terrible dnt watch over top crocs had to switch it off half way
½ September 8, 2013
Another extremely unneeded sequel that goes no where nor resolves anything. The characters are empty, and even Englund's role remains rather minor. The CGI isn't so great, nor does it appear on screen much. The story is pretty much the same as the last two sequels. It may say The Final Chapter, but history recalls how that subtitle never seems to mean anything, as this film has no real settled ending.
½ April 13, 2013
Well SyFy released yet another sub-par crocodile movie... In fact, all the movies they release suck (to be honest)! So here we are the fourth instalment of Lake Placid is pretty much more horrifically animated CGI crocodiles in the same lake, terrorising the same stupid teenagers! It's recycled the same formula for all 3 sequels and lets be honest we're so over Lake Placid; this definitely needs to be "The Final Chapter"!
April 12, 2013
Chomp! Rinse! Repeat!
March 26, 2013
It's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but that's not saying much.
March 21, 2013
It is about the same as the others. It was okay to watch but could of been better.
March 6, 2013
The best one of all ties the story perfectly together
March 3, 2013
special effects was bad
½ February 25, 2013
words can be of no use to this crap movie! a hex on the crew who fart it out!
½ February 20, 2013
Is this the last one really? The ending doesn't make me think so. I am glad to see Robert Englund in this and some of the cast from the previous movie! The effects are still lame as second and third, but the story is good.
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