Lan Yu Reviews

July 31, 2005
April 12, 2003
March 7, 2003
The characters seem one-dimensional, and the film is superficial and will probably be of interest primarily to its target audience.
March 7, 2003
Seems like something American and European gay movies were doing 20 years ago.
October 17, 2002
The movie is gorgeously made, but it is also somewhat shallow and art-conscious.
August 22, 2002
The very simple story seems too simple and the working out of the plot almost arbitrary.
August 16, 2002
In the end, we are left with something like two ships passing in the night rather than any insights into gay love, Chinese society or the price one pays for being dishonest.
July 29, 2002
While it is welcome to see a Chinese film depict a homosexual relationship in a mature and frank fashion, Lan Yu never catches dramatic fire.
July 26, 2002
Kwan makes the mix-and- match metaphors intriguing, while lulling us into torpor with his cultivated allergy to action.
July 26, 2002
Deserves high marks for political courage but barely gets by on its artistic merits.
June 24, 2002
Lan Yu is certainly a serviceable melodrama, but it doesn't even try for the greatness that Happy Together shoots for (and misses).
June 6, 2002
Should have been worth cheering as a breakthrough but is devoid of wit and humor.