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The Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big Water Reviews

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½ September 28, 2016
1.5/5. Although the finale is decent, and the film has one excellent callback to a previous film, most of Journey to Big Water is boring and irritating.
August 23, 2015
This movie has very good water animation. However, Mo's voice makes you have some negative feelings about the entire movie.
April 10, 2013
Kids love and relate to Little Foot and Friends!
April 2, 2013
One of my favourite films as a child, love all of the land before time films!
January 18, 2013
when do they end? When
½ January 18, 2013
classic children's tale
November 11, 2012
I gave up on that asteroid killing them at this point.
September 25, 2012
veri nice, sob sob..
½ June 23, 2012
don't remember watching it........
March 18, 2012
Decent story, but it gets a bit boring and doesn't offer a whole lot. Songs aren't real good but it has some good parts.
February 27, 2012
Super Reviewer
½ September 23, 2011
I think my crippling depression started shortly after watching this movie as a child.
September 14, 2011
OK, this is honestly getting creepy. Why are so many sequels coming out?
February 25, 2011
Please, stop making these sequels
January 9, 2011
There are NINE of these?!?!
January 4, 2011
They should have stopped after the first one
½ January 2, 2011
one of the greatest films of all time.
½ December 16, 2010
I donno which one this is, but I remeber the forst, I cry everytime time
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