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L'Arcano incantatore (The Mysterious Enchanter) (Mysterious Encounter) Reviews

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½ July 30, 2013
A dark tale of black magic--An excellent movie, exploring the meaning of death!!
July 21, 2013
"L'Arcano Incantatore" ("Arcane Sorcerer" to we Engllish speakers) is an intriguing Italian horror film that deserves far more attention. Edgar Wright called this the "Barry Lyndon" of horror films and I think it's an apt description. Like Kubrick's masterpiece, it features impeccably composed visuals and well-researched historical details. It's also about an exiled man searching for a meaningful path. In this case, however, that path comes fraught with spirits, sorcery, possessions, and blood oaths. I was surprised by how involved the plot becomes, sneakily introducing plot twists just when I thought I had things pegged. From a technical standpoint, it's impressive what they were able to accomplish on what had to have been a small budget. The locations are few but they are attentively detailed and exude a candle-lit creepiness. Overall, I really only have good things to say about "Arcane Sorcerer". It's a really effective film that deserves to be more widely seen (no RT critic reviews?!). Anyone with a taste for atmospheric horror or films dealing with the occult should definitely seek out "Arcane Sorcerer".
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November 4, 2009
Recomment by Caltiki - Great period of time - Europian film
February 9, 2009
Terza incursione di Pupi Avati nell'horror e terzo centro consecutivo.
Benchè il ritmo sia lento (come in tutti i film di Avati), la tensione non viene mai a mancare, le atmosfere sono inquietanti e la storia è ben narrata. Sottile misoginia di fondo, ma non è certo un difetto (per chi scrive) e, stranamente, prova attoriale di livello discreto.
Da recuperare.
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