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Redneck comedian Larry the Cable Guy (co-star of Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie) kicks off his live performance on Git-R-Done with one of the great questions of the modern age: "Ever have an orgasm so strong you hit your head on the back of the tub?" (He expresses gratitude that the VCR didn't fall into the water.) A string of gay-bashing and other intemperate quips quickly follows, but Larry's gross jokes are a part of an intentionally foolish persona. When he cracks wise about lesbian rocker Melissa Etheridge's genitals, the crowd gasps, and Larry's oversized rube becomes the punch line. Larry's no less hard on his family, commenting on an obese sister who claims to have a thyroid problem: "It's not a thyroid problem, it's a 7-11 problem." On his brief career as an evangelist: "I was $150 short of bringing a stripper to the Lord." This is hick humor that sometimes gets under one's skin. --Tom Keoghmore
Rating: Unrated
Genre: Comedy
Directed By:
In Theaters:
On DVD: May 25, 2004

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ok but i expected more

danny d

Super Reviewer


[b]I know there are a lot of fans of Larry The Cable Guy, but what I don't know is why. How the fuck do you jellyheaded simpletons scrape together enough currancy to buy a television that'd let you watch this fucking idiot. "Git-R-Done!" Do the world a favor and pull out right now and blow that load on her back. We don't need any more of you arguments-for-eugenics running around and multiplying. There are enough truck drivers and fat tubs of useless shit on this fucking planet as it is. You like Foxworthy? Okay. Ron White? All right. You tell me this fucking guy is funny and I'll sever your testicles off and make that mushy orca wife of yours swallow 'em down like a good girl, you nubby fisted grease stain of an evolution fuck-up. You're the reason I'm pro-choice. Yeah, it might be the next Einstein, but odds are it's another fucking retard like you sliding down the cuntpipe, and we can do without you just fine. And it's never too late for an abortion. Your parents might not have had the balls to go through with it, but by God, I know you're man enough to stick a coathanger up your ass until your heart says, "fuck it." There's nothing to stop you. End it. Right fucking now. Don't think it over. Don't sleep on it. Bash your fucking skull into the monitor until it pops. Do it. Do it now. You don't even need to finish reading this entry. The glory of death awaits, fuckhead. Do it. Do it. Do it, monkey. Do it. Daddy didn't raise no pansies. Be a man. End it. End it, you fucking girl. End it now.[/b]

[b]Or don't, I don't give a shit. [/b]

[b]It'd be a great world if all you useless "git-r-done" fucks just blew your brains out, but there'd be a lot of bodies to clean up. [/b]

[b]That's okay. [/b]

[b]We'll git-r-done for you, cunty.[/b]


[color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma]Thanks to the combined subscriptions to Peerflix and Blockbusters, I've seen a lot of movies recently. I'm going to give some brief reviews of the movies I've seen recently. I've thought about my movie 'rating system' (or lack of one) and I figured that the ULTIMATE things about a movie that mean something to me is: [/font][/color]
[indent][color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma]1. Will I watch it again if it's free and happens to be on cable? and
2. Would I want to spend money on a copy of the DVD for my library? [/font][/color]
[/indent][color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma][/font][/color][color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma]These critera generally don't apply to dramas, which I rarely care to watch more than once, but I don't review many drama movies, so I think we're pretty safe. ;)[/font][/color]
[color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma] [/font][/color]

[b][u][color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma]Larry The Cable Guy - Git-R-Done
[/font][/color][/u][/b][color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma]As surprised as I was, I found that I love his comedy sketches. Found him by accident on the Redneck Comedy Tour (or something) and became a HUGE fan. Living in [/font][/color][color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma]Texas[/font][/color][color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma], I know several people that remind me of Larry. This would have gotten a higher rating (it's actually quite funny) but I've seen him do better, so I didn't feel he lived up to his potential. Check it out before or after attending a Nascar race for added enjoyment. [/font][/color]
[color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma]1. Probably will find something else by Larry to watch if I want a repeat.[/font][/color]
[color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma]2. Not going to purchase.[/font][/color]
[color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma][/font][/color][color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma] [/font][/color]
[b][u][color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma]The Bourne Identity
[/font][/color][/u][/b][color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma]GREAT movie!!!! I love Matt Dillon anyway. Smart, sexy and moody, he just 'does' something for me. I think his role in Dogma was my favorite, but this movie is a close second. This had great pacing and as I am able to achieve a momentary suspension of disbelief better than the average Joe I enjoy these kinds of movies more. (Well, unless it's utter trash like "The Day after Tomorrow" or "Swordfish.") [/font][/color]
[color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma]1. Definately will watch again.[/font][/color]
[color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma]2. Definately looking to purchase. [/font][/color]

[b][u][color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma]The Bourne Supremacy
[/font][/color][/u][/b][color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma]Eh, not so good, but it still had Matt, so I give it a ripe tomato. My biggest complaint for BOTH movies was that I NEVER felt any connection between Jason Bourne and the female love interest...they just didn't work for me at all. No chemistry, no sparks, nothing. Couldn't suspend my disbelief in that. The pacing for Supremacy was less consistant than Identity and I kept thinking "Is he EVER going to run out of money?" [/font][/color]
[color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma]1. Would watch again only if nothing better was on.[/font][/color]
[color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma]2. Not something I'll purchase.[/font][/color]
[color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma] [/font][/color]

[/font][/color][/u][/b][color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma]Great visuals, interesting story, but I will always see Keanu Reeves as Ted, even if he's supposed to be Neo or John Constantine. He just looks like a dumb surfer. Other than that, it was okay. I LOVE Rachel Weisz, have since the Mummy. She's a beautiful lady and made a great Angela Dodson. Overall I really enjoyed it, despite the fact that I kept thinking Keanu was going to shout, "Excellent!" (I realize this isn't his fault, it's my own failing. Thought I should point that out.) Wouldn't mind watching again.
[/font][/color][color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma]1. Definately will watch again.[/font][/color]
[color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma]2. Maybe a purchase, if on sale.[/font][/color]
[b][u][color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma]Kung Fu Hustle
[/font][/color][/u][/b][color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma]I really thought I was going to enjoy this movie more, but aside from the moments that really made me chuckle, I just thought it was "okay." As the husband really liked it, we'll probably purchase it to watch again. It could have been more the mood I was in when I watched it more than the movie. I'll give it another chance; somehow it strikes me as a movie that just might grow on me. :) Will definately watch again to see if I like it more the second time.[/font][/color]
[color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma]1. Definately will watch again.[/font][/color]
[color=#9999ff][font=Tahoma]2. Will purchase for the hubby, but wouldn't do it just for myself.[/font][/color]

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