Las Sandinistas! Reviews

April 26, 2019
Jenny Murray's debut feature Las Sandinistas! is an appropriately-timed documentary about the capacity of women in times of social upheaval and democratic unrest.
April 2, 2019
Nevertheless, Las Sandinistas is a riveting and eye-opening experience thanks to Dora Mara, Daisy, Giaconda, Sofia, Claudia, and Olga, the film's thoroughly compelling interview subjects.
March 14, 2019
An enthralling and imperative ode to forgotten heroines for whom monuments haven't been erected, "Las Sandinistas!" is simultaneously a wake-up call for Americans to confront their country's responsibility in the instability across Latin America.
November 29, 2018
"Las Sandinistas!" emerges as a documentary of ripe impact and value, even if it's sometimes a ramshackle piece of filmmaking.
November 28, 2018
As American news channels obsess with the non-threat of the "migrant caravan" seeking refuge in the U.S., Las Sandinistas! arrives as a perfect piece to contextualize why it is these families are fleeing the places where they were born.
March 15, 2018
Murray takes a then-this-happened approach that is far from radical, weaving archival footage and modern-day interviews into a straight-chronological telling of the women's experiences.