Sep 22, 2021
A movie that deals with somewhat conventional cinematic territory, this 2001 prison action drama is elevated by the sheer brilliance of the cast assembled.
Jun 2, 2020
Soul-stirringly silly feelbad fun.
Dec 30, 2006
Oct 1, 2005
Jul 25, 2003
Os dilogos so timos, os dois antagonistas so bem desenhados e corretamente vividos por seus intrpretes, mas uma pena que, nos ltimos minutos, torne-se formulaico demais.
Feb 8, 2003
Oct 30, 2002
Jun 9, 2002
generates almost palpable heat when its protagonist and antagonist square off against each other.
Feb 26, 2002
Serves as an intense drama, an intelligent thriller, and an intriguing character study wrapped into a solidly constructed package.
Feb 4, 2002
If I had a castle, I'd want General Irwin on my side.
Jan 20, 2002
Jan 15, 2002
Interesante alegora sobre el valor de la libertad, entretenimiento de alto nivel y bien pensado
Dec 24, 2001
Not a serious prison flick, but director Lurie finds fresh ways to frame familiar situations, and pulls it off with enough tongue-in-cheek wit.
Dec 9, 2001
In spite of its faults, Lurie's film cannot be easily dismissed.
Dec 6, 2001
An uncommonly riveting motion picture
Nov 27, 2001
Oct 28, 2001
[Gandolfini's] performance yields emotion as palpable as any he's expressed in his award-winning role on the small screen.
Oct 25, 2001
Like the high stone walls of the title structure, director Rod Lurie's "The Last Castle" can be stately but sometimes seem a little too stiff for its own good.
Oct 23, 2001
a jingoistic military action fantasy about the enduring power of what it means to be a soldier
Oct 22, 2001
Manages to be more than the sum of second-hand parts.