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April 29, 2009
Yet another mass produced offering in to the thought process of deifying someone so asinine and melodramatic as Kurt Cobain...
April 15, 2009
Boring, self-indulgent and punctuated by Van Sant's trademark homosexual kissing scene, "Last Days" will make you wish that this were Van Sant's last movie.
June 21, 2007
"Posljednji dani" bi vrlo lako mogli dovr%u0161iti ono %u0161to je prije vi%u0161e od jednog desetlje%u0107a zapo%u010Deo hitac iz sa%u010Dmarice.
May 12, 2006
December 6, 2005
September 9, 2005
Van Sant's refusal to delve into his subject in anything but an abstract way renders the movie pointless and frustrating -- a lyrical, lovely tone poem, signifying little.
September 3, 2005
It would be churlish and somewhat facetious to say that by the end of the film you'll sympathise with Blake because you'll want to kill yourself too, but you do find yourself wondering if maybe that was the intention.
August 30, 2005
While undeniably beautiful, it carries little more than the obvious voyeuristic appeal.
August 20, 2005
A tortured film about a tortured man.
August 20, 2005
August 19, 2005
While Last Days has a certain audacity to its elliptical premise and structure, it quickly grows tedious once the morbid curiosity wears off.
August 17, 2005
Tedious Days. Van Sant's non-linear style getting tired.
August 14, 2005
It's unclear if Van Sant intends to inspire guilt; here, as elsewhere, he is exasperatingly abstruse. And in this striving to not say too much, he ends up not saying much of anything at all.
August 13, 2005
A film about a junkie rock musician, played by Michael Pitt at his most narcissistic, doing nothing in particular for the better part of 97 minutes isn't my idea of either a good time or a serious endeavor.
August 13, 2005
So little happens in Last Days that watching Blake eat a bowl of Cocoa Rice Krispies assumes epic proportions.
August 12, 2005
Van Sant goes as far as he can with his stripped-down style, but even that is too far. He makes his point, but it's blunted by the boredom we feel as the audience.
August 12, 2005
While Last Days succeeds as a nature documentary, Van Sant fails to penetrate human nature. The result is a portrait without a face.
August 12, 2005
If you're looking for character insight, let alone plot exposition... forget about it.
August 12, 2005
By the end, you too may feel the soul-deep boredom that could lead to suicide.
August 12, 2005
It's all terribly self-conscious and desperately arty and fairly bad.
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