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Last Holiday Quotes

  • Georgia Byrd: I didn't come here to make an impression on anybody, I just came here to blow every last cent I had.

  • Chef Didier: The start is not nearly as important as the finish.

  • Ms. Burns: Who was it who said 'Adversity is the stone on which I sharpen my blade?

  • Georgia Byrd: Tanya, ain't no such thing as a black country-western singer.

  • Georgia Byrd: What you gonna do in Nashville?

  • Georgia Byrd: Enough is enough right now, Mr. Adamian.

  • Georgia Byrd: You wait and you wait for somethin' big to happen... and then you find out you're gonna die.

  • Georgia Byrd: Next time... we will laugh more, we'll love more; we just won't be so afraid.

  • HMO Administrator: The cost of a median cranial debulkin' surgery is around $340,000. That's without anesthesia. You'll want that.

  • Georgia Byrd: What world was I livin' in?

  • Georgia Byrd: Does that ceilin' ever just make you wanna cry?

  • Ms. Burns: Is it that obvious I'm sleepin' with him?

  • Georgia Byrd: Make me international.

  • Sean Matthews: When he ask Georgia Byrd to with him to the kakers game.

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