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The Last Station Quotes

  • Leo Tolstoy: Despite good cause for it, I have never stopped loving you.
    Sofya Tolstoy: Of course
    Leo Tolstoy: But God knows you don't make it easy
    Sofya Tolstoy: Why should it be easy? I am the work of your life, you are the work of mine. That's what love is

  • Leo Tolstoy: She simply spoke the phrase, my phrase as if she had read my mind. In that moment, we both knew we would always be together. And for those first years, we were incredibly, terrifyingly, happy.

  • Sofya Tolstoy: Look at me! This is who I am, *this* is what you married. We may be older, maybe we're old, but I'm still your little chicken. And you're still my big cock.

  • Sofya Tolstoy: I'm your little bird, you know the sounds I make.

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