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September 13, 2011
In hindsight this was probably not the appropriate movie to further expand my knowledge of Kazan's infamously strong body of work. While I was very impressed by the likes of East Of Eden and A Streetcar Named Desire, I surprisingly found myself drifting through the movie, unable to really grasp any attachment with the characters involved in the dramatization of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel surrounding a movie producer's spiraling decline due to the intense demands he puts upon himself. Maybe it was intentional for his characters to be so distant, so detached, but it effectively left the movie cold and un-involving. De Niro obviously does his best, and is by far the standout in a sea of acclaimed talents including Robert Mitchum and Jack Nicholson, but with such methodical direction which left the script stiff and awkward, it was never really a movie I could fully immerse myself in, which ultimately ensured it took three attempts to even finish the 2 hour movie. That's not to suggest the film is awful, as there are many ideas which are clever and it is beautifully shot, but unfortunately the film just wasn't that interesting and eventually you just don't care.
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July 18, 2011
Bought but not yet watched
July 17, 2011
Despite excellent cast and a compelling story, this movie somehow fails to generate much of dramatic tension. Some critic described it as "constipated", and I think the term fits it perfectly.
April 17, 2011
boring boring boring
½ April 2, 2011
Loved it. Very interesting story. De Niro/Boulting love affair is great.
½ February 25, 2011
This is an interesting character study because it never really delves into the mind of the character, and instead leaves the audience with mystery throughout. Elia Kazan is a director that has long been recognised for creating honest and unbiased films. His 1954 masterpiece; On The Waterfront is one of the most sacred and honest depictions of life I have ever seen. The Last Tycoon comes very, very close to that and it's probably Robert De Niro's heart-wrenching portrayal of a man we appear to know nothing about, except his area of work. The film features several astounding moments. The most notable being the showdown between De Niro and another movie legend Jack Nicholson. Just watching that scene gives me more than enough reason to watch it. Kazan's writing is also pitch-perfect and the apparent slow pace of the film is non-existent. A very, very good film.
February 7, 2011
The Last Tycoon revolves around a 1930s movie mogul Monroe Stahr (Robert De Niro) and gives an insight into the studio system of the time. De Niro gives a subtle and sensitive performance as Stahr who becomes distracted following a chance sighting which reminds him of a love from his past. The ensuing budding romance is accompanied by a haunting Maurice Jarre score and beautiful cinematography. At times, though, this part of the film feels drawn out and not enough time is given to the star-studded supporting cast - especially Jack Nicholson, who has great scenes at the end of the film with De Niro. There are plenty of familiar faces, including Robert Mitchum, Tony Curtis, Ray Milland, Dana Andrews and Anjelica Huston, who mainly appear in cameo roles. The film as a whole is richly detailed and absorbing and is a compelling portrait of Stahr's work and love - a love invoked from the past that gradually unravels his grip on the present.
September 19, 2010
I found this a bit tedious but De Niro's performance makes this watchable.
½ September 2, 2010
Wow, I don't know who to blame for this. I'm gonna put most of the blame on the terrible acting anddddd, what the hell, the direction. They should have taken some editing tips from Stahr...
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June 18, 2010
While itā??s not Elia Kazanā??s usual style, itā??s a very interesting story with a lot to offer. You can instantaneously feel that itā??s incomplete and fragmented, but it works with Robert De Niroā??s performance as Stahr. This has great performances from everyone and itā??s got a nice critique about Hollywood and movie making, but it never really answers any of the questions it asks. This is about as much as you can expect though, considering the circumstances, and nothing to be ashamed of.
½ May 9, 2010
S. Fitzgerald books are not good material for movie adaptations.
½ February 24, 2010
Its a life story a successful movie producer to ending up losing almost everything for Love! its one of earliest works starring Robert De Niro, he has shined as the protagonist, there is tiny role for jack nicholson.
February 22, 2010
By no means a masterpiece, Elia Kazan's last film is slow and ragged. Nevertheless it's well worth watching, mainly because of Mr R. De Niro's brilliant portrayal of a charismatic film producer.
½ February 19, 2010
Kazan and deNiro. underated
½ February 14, 2010
This was the last film by the great Elia Kazan. After so many years, it still catches you attention with outstanding storytelling of the unfinished F.Scott Fitzgerald novel. The young Robert De Niro is pitch perfect as a Hollywood mogul and Jeanne Moreau shines in the supporting role. In any case, there are some memorable scenes here and I think dramas produced nowadays in Hollywood should definitely learn from this. I wish they had this type of intensity and character development. Memorable, yet perhaps a bit misunderstood film from one of the Hollywood masters.
February 10, 2010
The period atmosphere is enjoyable, but Robert De Niro's Monroe Stahr is thinly written and blandly played, and there's no energy to the narrative.
½ February 1, 2010
My least favorite Kazan, but there are some really really good scenes in this. Performances are stellar.
January 5, 2010
for the sake of Fitzgerald
½ August 8, 2009
Watching this film brought home how much I love 70's De Niro....

This is a very lovingly made film and whilst the story itself doesn't seem to go anywhere, it's always interesting and the casting is pretty terrific. De Niro, Mitchum, Curtis and of course Jack Nicholson. You don't see that kind of casting every day. Up front, De Niro is excellent, driven and at times infuriating. His scenes with Jack are totally randon and just so much fun to watch (ping pong, enough said...). Ultimately though, the story is tough to get involved with which makes it a bit of a slog at times...

At the end of the day, De Niro makes this worth a watch.....
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½ June 12, 2009
I've read a lot of reviews that complain about this film's "glacial pace", but if I may be so bold, I think a lot of people are misplacing their criticism. If anything, the film moves forward a little too quickly and sheds some crucial character insight in the process. However, I was pleased with the movie's tonal approach of distance, and the atmosphere of quiet sadness it established. This is a withdrawn piece that speaks very little at times and expects a lot from the audience. The direction, writing and performances all serve towards its languid essence and the result is a respectably executed movie that falls short of the greatness it could have achieved. Robert De Niro's lead performance is exciting to watch - a sketch of a character with a lot of texture that we never quite get a grasp of. His brief moments with Jack Nicholson make this film worth a watch alone. Watching those two screen legends feed off each other made me a happy viewer. This isn't a film I would recommend to many people, but I enjoyed it extensively and I presume it's something I'll revisit at least once.
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