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The Last Winter Quotes

  • Abby Sellers: The whole world's going to band together.

  • James Hoffman: Do you see it? Do you see it? Open your eyes!
    Ed Pollack: I don't see anything!
    James Hoffman: Open you eyes!

  • Ed Pollack: What's needed out here is a pipeline. And a base camp. And a couple of wells. That's what God wants.

  • Maxwell McKinder: Did you see it? Did you see it? ou there. Right out there.

  • James Hoffman: Ghosts. What is the world anyway, but fossils? Plants and animals from a hundred million years ago.

  • James Hoffman: The climate's changing exponentially. It's collapsing, it's altering.

  • James Hoffman: People just don't want to deal with it.

  • Abby Sellers: According to this, he walked three hundred miles.

  • Ed Pollack: I wouldn't worry about Maxwell. the kid can walk from here to Vegas on his hands.

  • James Hoffman: Something up here is off. It's in th numbers, but also I can feel it.

  • Abby Sellers: He sees what he wants to see.

  • James Hoffman: Empathy with the land. This we learn in childhood. The land has changed. The biosphere turned; has become unfamiliar and erratic. I would say eventual, but nature is indifferent to us. We fight for our survival, not nature's. There's a fierceness in the world that we never felt before. Something is being unleashed in the softening permafrost. Why do we despise the world that gave us life? Why wouldn't the world survive us, like any organism survives a virus. The world that we grew up in is changed forever. There is no way home. Is there something beyond science that is happening out here? What if the very thing we were here to pull out of the ground were to rise willingly - confront us. What would that look like? What if this is the last winter, before the collapse? And hope dies.

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