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May 30, 2002
There aren't many laughs in this interesting study of the cultural mores of Georgian Jews in Tel Aviv.
May 30, 2002
The last scenes of the film are anguished, bitter and truthful. Mr. Koshashvili is a director to watch.
May 26, 2002
Judith and Zaza's extended bedroom sequence ... is so intimate and sensual and funny and psychologically self-revealing that it makes most of what passes for sex in the movies look like cheap hysterics.
May 23, 2002
A remarkable movie with an unsatisfying ending, which is just the point.
May 22, 2002
Will assuredly rank as one of the cleverest, most deceptively amusing comedies of the year.
May 22, 2002
The movie understands like few others how the depth and breadth of emotional intimacy give the physical act all of its meaning and most of its pleasure.
May 18, 2002
A sprightly comedy about a young man's desperate attempt to find happiness on his own terms in Tel Aviv's Georgian community.
May 17, 2002
There's none of the happily-ever -after spangle of Monsoon Wedding in Late Marriage -- and that's part of what makes Dover Kosashvili's outstanding feature debut so potent.
May 17, 2002
The frankness of Kosashvili's film may be a bit breathtaking, but because it is, you believe every moment.
May 17, 2002
Features one of the most affecting depictions of a love affair ever committed to film.
May 17, 2002
The screenplay is too obvious in its critique of arranged marriages, and its portrayal of Zaza's malicious parents is smugly cynical.
May 17, 2002
Late Marriage joins the list of Israeli cinema that -- intentionally or otherwise -- holds up a mirror to its American audience and then turns that same mirror to show a doorway to some challenging issues.
May 16, 2002
This superbly played film, directed with remarkable skill for a first-time feature filmmaker, is truly an adult drama: It deals with the kind of compromises and sacrifices that, for better or worse, come with maturity.
May 14, 2002
Superbly brash, raunchy, and confrontational.
May 13, 2002
Harrowing, riveting film.
May 8, 2002
The 1960s rebellion was misdirected: you can't fight your culture.
May 4, 2002
Has an intense heart under its charming exterior.
May 3, 2002
Late Marriage is definitely rocky, but there's never a point where we lose interest and want out -- as relationships go, that's not bad.
April 25, 2002
Late Marriage seems, like its protagonist, lost in a sea of its own ambivalence.
April 20, 2002
Brilliantly explores the conflict between following one's heart and following the demands of tradition.
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