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March 22, 2004
Even if the film feels somewhat contrived, stick with it; you'll be rewarded by what it has to say.
March 16, 2004
March 16, 2004
March 12, 2004
It's more melodrama than drama or love story, and Cox, who wrote Sweet Home Alabama, seems to have never met a stereotype he didn't like.
March 12, 2004
It's timely, not to mention refreshing, to see an affirmation of true love over hot sex, along with a reminder that the two aren't necessarily mutually exclusive.
March 12, 2004
Such a well-meaning but unambitious work that it's tempting to take it seriously even as you dismiss it.
March 6, 2004
[Writer/director C. Jay] Cox deftly explores the links between coincidence and destiny, fate and miracles, love and loss.
February 26, 2004
Despite the inherent clichs, Latter Days manages to rise above its formulaic plot, mainly because of the assured performance by Mr. Sandvoss.
February 24, 2004
Romantic and funny, this story takes a few twists and turn in ways that you don't expect.
February 20, 2004
A well-intentioned but horribly trite drama about acceptance and fulfillment that plays like an after-school special with naughty words and sex thrown in.
February 18, 2004
Although a good deal of what happens is predictable, the writer-director C. Jay Cox makes much of it pleasant.
February 16, 2004
The curse of gay cinema is its belief that worn-out movie plots will become interesting if you put gay characters in them. This film takes the curse several steps further.
February 15, 2004
a huge copout
February 13, 2004
Everyone in this movie has been ordered off the shelf from the Stock Characters Store, and none of them wandered in from real life.
February 12, 2004
Surprisingly dowdy-looking, shot more like a scruffy little naturalistic slice of alternative L.A. life than the star-crossed lover's daydream it mostly is.
February 9, 2004
A winky, interminable and rather cringe-inducing manifesto... whose characters stand as crude if attractive types rather than three-dimensional people.
February 8, 2004
Cox's screenplay, while occasionally lapsing into the sort of cliches endemic to so many gay-themed films, generally treats its unusual subject matter with dignity and complexity, and the characters are well-drawn and sympathetic.
January 30, 2004
Even as it subscribes to the conventions of modern romantic comedy, it never compromises its characters' truths.
January 30, 2004
At once romantic, earthy and socially critical, Latter Days is a dynamic film filled with humor and pathos.
January 30, 2004
Sounds like the kind of movie that might appeal to, I dunno, maybe all seven openly gay Mormons and not many others.
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