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½ June 22, 2014
One of my (many) favorite shorts by Laurel & Hardy!

This time they are rooming in a house with a very hot-tempered landlord (NOT played by James Finlayson this time, haha).
The landlord has an extremely strict no-dog-policy...But Hardy and especially not Laurel have the heart to leave their beloved pet dog, Laughing Gravy outside since it's waaay below zero.
This puts them into a tricky dilemma though, since the walls are paper thin and Laughing Gravy obviously is a very "barky" dog.
The first time the landlord hears something that quite resemble dog barking, he immediately rushes into their room to check (though they had the time to hide the dog) and declares if he finds a dog inside the house, he will throw them all out into the cold!
Tough shit, right? haha
And the second Laughing Gravy starts barking, they hurriedly hides him in the chimney...Though when the landlord has left the room for the second time, not finding any dog, and Laurel and Hardy is going to fetch seems he has climbed up the roof!

Many Laurel and Hardy-fans consider this one their favorite among their "talking shorts" :)

The funniest moment, I think no doubt is when Hardy himself is climbing up the roof to get Laughing Gravy....but falls down.
That scene makes me laugh hysterically every time!
February 26, 2013
Remaking their own silent short 'Angora Love' (1929), which had the boys concealing a goat, Laurel and Hardy are consistently fun to watch here, if not really offering us anything new.
½ May 12, 2012
The boys are in another fine mess in 'Laughing Gravy' (that, actually being the name of their small dog in this 1931 short). Their rooming house does not allow pets, and the duo try in vain to keep his presence unknown to their cranky landlord. Poignant moment toward the end when, after receiving an inheritance from a lost uncle, Stan must decide whether or not to stay with Ollie and Laughing Gravy, or, take his fortune and go it solo (a condition of the offer). A dark shocker of an ending, to be sure, with the landlord finally having had enough of Stan, Ollie and Gravy. So much so - he shoots himself.
March 9, 2011
Great Laurel and Hardy short with a very cute dog.
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