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½ September 6, 2011
In "The Gypsy," the police are on the lookout for Hugo Sennart(Alain Delon) after he escapes from prison with Jo Amila(Renato Salvatori) and Jacques Helman(Maurice Barrier) and commit a string of brazen daytime robberies. They are not the only criminals the police are after, as Yan Kuq(Paul Meurisse) has just pulled off a jewel robbery, before his wife's fatal fall. Inspector Blot(Marcel Bozzuffi) suspects Yan and Hugo of working together, so Yan wants to put as much distance between himself and Paris as he can. However, that is not far enough from Hugo who is planning a last couple of jobs with his gang before they go their separate ways.

There are some neat ideas in "The Gypsy" but early on the execution is inconsistent to say the least. Amgongst them are two criminals in close proximity to each other but never close enough to really have it out. Eventually, the movie pulls it together, not only because of its neat action sequences which energize the proceedings, but also the steel-eyed determined charisma of Alain Delon and a weathered performance from Paul Meurisse. What surprisingly puts the movie over the top is the genuineness of emotions. That's not to mention the film's social conscience as applied to bringing the persecution of the gypsies to light which just goes to show you that we can always use an outlaw hero which the world seems to be desperately lacking these days.
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