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Le Quattro Giornate di Napoli (The Four Days of Naples) Reviews

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June 2, 2016
I've read Rotten Tomatoes caption about the film: I disagree. When watching the film at no point did I sense that the Italians were distancing themselves from their (or Mussolini's) ally, Nazi Germany. This movie is based on FACT: what you see is precisely what happened in Naples. History, Italy's and even America's, is often not neat and simple. But the truth is still the truth.
½ September 12, 2012
Wednesday, September 12, 2012

(1962) Four Days Of Naples
(In Italian with English subtitles)

Chronicling in different locales all over Naples about how the Italians rallied together against the Nazis out of one of Italy's most hardest hit cities during WWII. Says it was inspired by actual events which in my opinion didn't need explaining since it was one of many cities Nazi Germany invaded attempt to take over and I as an audience want to witness how the rallying came about. Also impressive is the handling of the cast of thousands since it din't soley center on a single person using the same pre-bombed locales classifying it as a "Neo-Realist" film in the same category as "The Bicycle Thief" and "The Third Man".

3.5 out of 4
½ March 13, 2009
Amazing movie! Just saw this recently on TCM. One of the best movies set in WW2 I've ever seen!
Super Reviewer
August 12, 2008
nominated for best foreign film at the oscars and by NBR
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