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½ March 31, 2014
I would have thought this film might be worth something. Then I read IMDB's SYNOPSIS. It claimed the "award winning director" that created the film...blah...blah. So, I looked at his work history. The award winner was loading film into cameras in 2002. He has directed only one single film. Yes, this one. I looked at the box office. Gross brought in...in the 1,000s. No, I didn't forget any zeroes. It was likely made with a Sony hand-held digital video camera. The actors and actresses couldn't pull this film out of the mud if they all had stars on Hollywood Blvd (which they don't). I said, clearly, I did not want to watch this. But to avoid arguments, I at least played it. Now, I have bad dreams, upset stomach, headaches, and wish my life would end before I see anything else so lame and pathetic. So, don't watch it. and count your blessings. I, instead, recommend "The Encounter." A film, while not well known, at least has a good moral story.
½ September 13, 2013
I liked this story. I was a positive end to a sad story
August 3, 2013
An insipid film and my cold heart felt not a bit of warmth whatsoever.
July 3, 2013
Bravo Martin Papazian
November 25, 2012
This movie is a must see. It is intelectual, emotional and informative. It is rare to find a movie that pulls at your heart strings while remaining truthful, but Least Among Saints accomplishes it. Marty Papazian accomplishes the daunting tasks of writing, directing and acting with immense grace, and Tristan Lake Leabu exhibits talent that actors twice his age can only dream of.
November 7, 2012
Very heartwarming and inspirational film! I highly recommend everyone go see it!
November 6, 2012
Papazians character, Anthony Haywards takes you into the heart and soul of the combat Veteran with PTSD. He delivers an amazing performance, the human emotion mixed with humor made a very difficult subject matter easy to watch and enjoy, even for the many Service men and women affected by war. When Anthony finds himself in an unlikely situation, his choice to take care of the young boy was the same commitment he made to his Soldiers. Once again he was part of something bigger than self. Without realizing it he was healing his own wounds. The love of a dog has been proven time and time again to be one of the best healing powers for our wounded warriors/veterans. I recommend Least Among Saints ***** Frances A. Cheever
November 4, 2012
I highly recommend going to see this film. It is a beautiful story of raw suffering. It is the balance of responding to an opening when not much in your past has any relationship to it. It is mustering your courage to walk with the new and unknown. Instead of ringing his neck, he got a slam upside his head that grabbed his heart. He moved slowly, not always correctly, into the path of his courage " and stumbled on some healing.
November 2, 2012
Finally a movie that really brings it home . It has a great story , and deffinately one to go see .
October 31, 2012
A moving film, Martin Papazian does a great job bringing awareness to the many challenges that affect war veterans. Struggling to find peace of mind after war, Papazian's character embarks on a journey of destruction, forgiveness, and finally, hope. A must see.
October 30, 2012
You must see Least Among Saints! It is obvious Martin Papazian poured his heart and soul into every aspect of this film. The story is heart-warming. I laughed, cried and felt genuinely moved. I loved it! Thank you Marty.
October 30, 2012
Marty Papazian's film "Least Among Saints" is incredibly moving. The performances are stellar and the story is heart wrenching and ultimately uplifting. I highly recommend going to see it!
October 30, 2012
A powerful, captivating, and moving story. Having had a brother serve overseas, I thank God war did not afflict him in the same manner as it did for Anthony (Papazian). Given that's not the case for many other servicemen & women, I commend Marty for so eloquently tackling such a sensitive topic.
October 29, 2012
As an Iraqi veteran myself, I generally stay away from war movies as they all seem the same. This movie boldly goes into a realm that other movies did not. The WAR for a returning military member who doesn't come home to roses and rainbows. This film hit home with me, as I too came home and went through a divorce. Most of these negative comments are from people who generally will never have to worry about any of those struggles, so I read them with a grain of salt. I give Papazian major kudos for exploring issues that Hollywood hasn't seen and doing it all in a tasteful manner. I now work with other Veterans in a transitional house who have either battled homelessness or addictions since returning home, this movie is one that I plan on showing them to let them know there is truly hope for everyone(Military or civilian). Great job and great movie. Army Pride!
October 29, 2012
This is such a good story, beautifully told. I reccomend it.
October 29, 2012
This movie was one of the most heartfelt movies I have seen in a long time. The story was about a soldier returning home from the war and trying to cope after all that he had seen/ done on his tour of duty. By helping the young boy in the movie, the soldier was able to heal himself. The movie has a great message and allows you to feel a full spectrum of emotion, The characters were very well developed and believable. The performance by the actors was excellent. I also enjoyed the cinematography. It is a must see movie.
October 29, 2012
Amazing movie! We need to get this in every theatre around the nation! I was blessed enough to go when the director was there and to be able to speak to him! Wonderful film that everyone can identify with! A great view of Military vet meets real world problems with PTSD and puts his energy into helping others instead of wallowing in his pain.
October 29, 2012
This movie is moving to all. From my Wife to my 14 year old daughter, it touches home with the real life drama of todays times. Every one of all ages can come to identify with the story and its charters. Its inspiring, inspirational. It will go down as classic view on our generation and the good hearted manner of our American troops. Thanks Marty for making this film.
October 29, 2012
What a wonderfully made and moving film. Papazian knows right where the bull's eye is on the important issue of returning vets. With scenes that are surprising in their intimacy and refreshingly knowledgeable of the subject matter, he takes us into the broken life of a returning vet, who's about to abandon all hope. Papazian is a triple threat here in the form of writer, director and most potentially disastrous in this situation, star. But with great confidence and a huge dose of talent he pulls off this hat-trick with great success. I was wrapped up in this movie from beginning to end and recommend it highly.
October 29, 2012
Marty! Hey bud - I just saw "Least Among Saints" yesterday in Santa Monica. I simply cannot tell you how impressed I am with your work. Having the great experience of working with you on stage, I really enjoyed seeing some of those "Marty" gems come thru on the big screen. Moody broody, pain-ridden, dry, sarcastic, funny, poignant...the list is far too long for a forum like this. What I saw ye
sterday was a passionate, soul-filled, inspired artist making it happen. From my own military background, I want to tell you I think you have done a great service for our men and women in uniform. You've taken your artistry, and transformed it into telling a story that gives great hope to those who are experiencing the very thing that you portray in this film...and what a beautiful story it is... Simply put, I can't help but think this world is a little better because of your work. No doubt you have inspired many with "Least Among Saints"...I am proud to be counted as one of them!
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