Leave it on the Floor Reviews

August 23, 2018
What Leave It on the Floor does best is provide a film for a niche market that celebrates that subculture.
August 6, 2012
Practically defines the words 'niche appeal', but should take the very specific group it's actually aimed at by storm.
August 5, 2012
Gays, transvestites and transsexuals, mostly black, strut their stuff in an uninhibited fashion as they compete on catwalks and dancefloors before panels of judges.
August 2, 2012
The songs (including a saucy ode to Justin Timberlake) are fresh and witty.
August 2, 2012
A bewildering exploitation flick that will probably end up with a dedicated cult following.
July 26, 2012
It is cheap, cheerful and so keen-to-please you want to adopt it as if it were an orphaned dog. It rolls out its tongue like a red carpet.
February 23, 2012
What the film lacks in subtlety and finesse it makes up with sparky characters and meaty songs.
October 28, 2011
Clearly not aimed at a mass audience, who, even if they're open to gay issues, may be turned off by on-the-cheap production values and self-conscious "acting" by principals.
July 22, 2011
The standout film for me at both the (2011) L.A. Film Festival and Outfest. Spectacular and joyous.