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½ December 7, 2012
Az eleje kicsit nyúlós volt, de aztán beindult. Jimmy Page vonós mutatványa fenomenális!
November 28, 2012
It is I believe, that over the 27 years since their last concert before an audience, that a pressure built up inside of the Zeppelin members that they themselves didn't notice. It came out in a 2+ hour unrestrained explosion. The magnitude can only be felt, heard, and recovered from, then repeated.

They kept it simple (no long solos on "Stairway to Heaven", no twenty-five minute majesty of "No Quarter"), but that didn't remove the majesty of a thing, in this 16 song live set. If there were mistakes, it just sounded like the Zeppelin of old. Their music was always honest.

John Paul Jones' name came first in the credits. For reasons I will not rehash, I considered this appropriate and in good taste. The only way to describe the performance of Jonsey is "professionally seamless". As perfect as anything can be. And it was good to see him not camera shy for a change, being face to face with Page up front most of the time. We can't imagine the fun they must have been having.

Robert plant frightened me. He has to sing in a lower key now, but the deterioration of his vocal power was a myth in my mind. He never lost the power of that voice, it just took awhile to wake up after 27 years. He sounded almost as good as the first show of a seventies tour at times. And for those wanting a tour, he could never keep that up night after night. He couldn't in Zeppelin's prime!

Jimmy Page...(well...) He wasn't as nimble as the seventies, and his guitar sound was a little too dirty, but he was still thrilling and convincing. And that ominous on stage presence that effects even his bandmates, has not been lost.

I have to say Jason Bonham was a little drowned out. Maybe they should have miked the drums better. But he could be heard. And no-one...I mean no-one...could have honored John Bonham with a performance better than this man gave. He is magnificent drummer. But there is no living drummer who can hit the drums as hard as his old man did.

Editors do not see things from the viewer's point of view. Expect that the longest you will see any given shot will be a maximum of 3 seconds, and at a minimum, just a flash.

But despite any drawbacks, ...That Sound...That Power...That Presence.

To say "beyond expectations" is too much of an understatement. And after reading this, you will expect a lot. You will get it.
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