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R (some violence and drug content)
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For its first thirty-to-forty minutes, Leeches is a hilarious romp into the abyss of bottom-of-the-barrel cinematic crap. Really, really ugly shots, unspeakable dialogue, embarassing SFX, and most of all, risible homoerotic overtones all the way... its sheer awfulness belongs to the unexplainable-- and it is, for long stretches, nothing less than fascinating to watch. Of course, all this crushing shittiness eventually turns wearying, and suddenly, Leeches is not super-funny garbage as much as it is super-disturbing garbage. You wonder who ever thought this or that was a good idea, even by the standards of grade-Z horror junk. You wonder WHO THE FUCK funded this abomination. You wonder how the lead actors feel when a loved one discovers they've played a major part in this hysterical suckfest. And then you wonder why you made it to the end.

Laurence Collin
Laurence Collin

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Hey, for everyone who dislikes the movie because of its low quality and high quantity of actors, I can agree. On the other hand, certain parts of the movie couldn't help but be funny due to the stupid roles of the actors(wouldn't ya'll agree), so I decided to rate it on hilariousness and stupidity. And ,hey, DOES ANYONE KNOW THE NAME OF THAT SONG PLAYED AT THE START OF THE MOVIE? If you can answer it for for me, you will be of great help to me, Thanx.

desg gresan
desg gresan

saw this mild male porno flick yesterday. the bois are supposed to be straight n that they have girls around and have sex with them. every scene shows some boi barely clothed. a few long lingering shots move along every scintillating inch of a few of the guys bodies. there is a lot of speedoes and showers. one boi is tied up in his tighty whities and he is sporting some basket in there. for some reason the leeches kill by attacking your face. they cannot kill you by just sucking blood out of your foot or leg. one line sums up the sensibility of the movie. there has just been absolute carnage and death. girl to guy "with all thats' gone on around here, I don't think I'm gonna get much sleep tonight"

bill frred
bill frred

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