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      Left Behind Reviews

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      Apr 24, 2023

      I have nothing positive to say about this mess

      Apr 10, 2023

      Only because 1/2 Stars was my lowest option. I blame Prime Video for showing me this turkey.

      Mar 13, 2023

      Expectations were zero with it being one of the worst rated movies of all time on RT but I didn't think it was that bad, though it naturally should have been expected to be better than the original. A fair amount of mystery and intrigue, but vague allusions to God and it possibly being a biblical event make it somewhat preachy.

      Feb 19, 2023

      This movie was so bad that my TV couldn't handle it! Generic music, nonsensical plot, lack of buildup. It's no wonder why absolutely nobody talks about this movie! It's so bad that it's good!

      Feb 14, 2023

      Even if you believe in the Rapture, this movie stinks.

      Jan 30, 2023

      I feel a lot of people are super mean about low budget films. Because of critics like these low budget films sometimes don't get made. When the low budget films are the ones that need to be made to spread the good news. In this case… I though the fact that Nicolas Cage took this portrayal as an actor (whom choose their roles) was pretty cool of him. You rarely see big time actors take on Christian world view roles. For the sake of a community that might not have otherwise watched this type of film. I personally do believe the rapture is going to happen, also any day now for the time and seasons of this age are present and all around us. The Bible is 1/4 prophecy in a whole and most people don't realize that because people don't want to talk about that anymore now days (prophecy fulfilled btw). It is called the blessed hope for a reason it is an escape of the coming wrath of God for an evil and Christ rejecting world. If you did like this movie Kevin Sorbo just made its sequel recently. It really hit home to how the world has changed in the last few years. Which has brought the Christian view of pre-rapture and end times theology to life and "real" in the way the world is headed currently!!

      Jan 27, 2023

      whoops, wrong movie. Delete this please

      Dec 11, 2022

      The greatest movie of all time

      Nov 22, 2022

      This movie is nowhere near as bad as the critics want you to believe. That said, this movie isn't as good as the original. And that is saying a lot! It does have some good tension in the second half of the movie. But for a Christian movie, it has very little Gospel in it, most of what is there is regulated to the "nut jobs". Not much character here, the movie focusing on the disaster...what there is of it. You just want the movie to be better than it is.

      Nov 11, 2022

      Out of the Rapture topic of films out there, this one is perhaps the better one regarding the biblical topic of what may happen when Yeshua (aka Jesus the Jewish Messiah) calls out and takes out all the believers and followers on Earth. I like how a bit of humor was woven into the storyline.

      Oct 30, 2022

      Ein solider Action Film von Nicolas Cage mit einem spannenden und gleichzeitig fragen aufwerfenden Ende

      Oct 4, 2022

      What I liked is there is plenty of action and it deals head-on with the essence of belief and takes on a plot idea that is rarely or never approached. Nicholas Cage as usual is totally and enthusiastically committed in the role. Gotta say - other reviews I have seen are tough - seem to mix up their own views on Christianity with a movie about Christianity.

      Sep 15, 2022

      I'm very surprised that I actually liked it. Given the subject matter, I was worried it was either going to be too pro-religion with lots of "preaching" or too anti-religion and just a hate fest against religious folks. But instead the movie focused on the characters and how they dealt with the immediate dangers that they faced. There's not much of an arc for anyone as it's played mostly as an action movie. It felt like they might've been setting up for a sequel where some of the characters would find some sort of meaningful change, but sadly that doesn't happen here and there's no sequel I can find. But I did think it was an enjoyable and entertaining way to pass the time. Nicholas Cage is great as usual, Cassi Thomson was very good and believable as his daughter, and I was really surprised at how good Nicky Whelan was as the flight attendant that Nic Cage's character is having an affair with. That character could easily have been a typical clichéd "evil other woman" and "flight attendant from hell" who hates her passengers. But Whelan (and the writers) make her very real and interesting. There's some unnecessary, and thankfully brief, subplots on the plane, but overall I found it a pleasant surprise.

      Jul 3, 2022

      Glad this movie is downright forgotten because it's complete trash. They should leave this movie left behind in the dumpster.

      May 3, 2022

      First I don't believe the "rapture" is ever going to happen. Two reasons, I don't think all the "good" people are going to taken to Heaven body and soul naked so Jesus and the Antichrist to go all "Mortal Kombat". Second, the Rapture is a fantasy of conservative Christianity who thinks Heaven is harder to get into than Harvard. All the kids get to go like kids can't sin? I take it director Vic Armstrong has no kids. Because they sin all the times. Hell, the Muslim kid is raptured, which makes no sense. Considering his Muslim dad was "left behind". So what's the sin here? If it's not being Christian than the Muslim kid should go and it's not being Muslim, what was the dad's sin. The sins that caused them to be left behind. The adultry of the pilot I can understand. But being addicted to drugs is not a sin, they need help. Also the PG-13 dumbing it down, like a Pureflix was behind it. One scene a guy goes flying through a window after being shot in the face by a shot gun but the blood was white. It feels like a Estus Pirkle sermon. But Estus Pirkle's movie wouldn't dumb it down, that guy wouldn't have a face anymore. Lastly, the whole Rapture is nothing but people vanishing without seeing their naked bodies floating to Heaven, again thank you PG-13. It's nothing but bullshit conservative hypocrisy. Read the Bible, not made up things like The Rapture or Dante's Inferno.

      Apr 23, 2022

      Truly terrible. Even Nicholas Cage can't save this truly awful movie. Don't start watching it and if you are watching it, just stop, it doesn't get better. Anything else would be a better use of your time.

      Jan 17, 2022

      I read the books when I was in high school and still believed in fairy tales. Watched this with my family and man…. I get that they'd want "believers" to work on the show, but there has to be some Christian film makers in the world who know what their doing. Everything about this is bad. From the 1970s movie of the week score, to the ridiculous shots, even Lea Thompson couldn't save this mess.

      Jan 2, 2022

      Christian propaganda film. People who actually believe in God are supposed to go to heaven in this movie but a guy in the plane who is Islamic and portrayed as a God believing man is not in heaven making the audience think God is divided into departments and only Christian god is saving people

      Jan 1, 2022

      Most of the times I need to reflect for a while before reviewing a movie. Not in this case: this is the worst movie I have ever seen!

      Dec 31, 2021

      Mehh, i was curious about this movie even the bad critics, its just a long movie who never end. No solution to bring them back and blame the religions...

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