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March 7, 2018
The real sparks are between Damon and the mischievously enigmatic Smith, who dispenses wisdom like a cross between Krishnamurti and Uncle Remus.
December 28, 2010
Some people will find it simplistic and cliched.
February 8, 2003
The movie does contain some heartfelt performances.
October 30, 2002
Uplifting feel-good drama from director Robert Redford - chock-full of flaws and easy to criticize, but nonetheless enjoyable.
July 31, 2002
... most decidedly a fantasy, and the rules for fantasy are that the controlling intelligence behind the fantasy gets to change the rules at any time
June 15, 2002
Robert Redford's beguiling drama reminds us even the most hopeless causes can be turned around through the power of positive thinking and perserverance, if we're willing to embrace the possibility of success instead of the probability of failure.
June 8, 2002
La cinta es melosa en grado superlativo, sin embargo tiene momentos emotivos que encantarn al auditorio (me incluyo, me incluyo).
May 30, 2002
Quando a histria chega ao fim, a impresso que fica a de que Lendas da Vida percorreu um longo caminho e no chegou a lugar algum.
February 28, 2002
There were times when it carried me away.
December 10, 2001
A thoroughly watchable fable about life, the universe and everything.
May 12, 2001
A picture of exquisite ambience.
May 8, 2001
April 23, 2001
February 27, 2001
guiltlessly corny and whimsically melodramatic
February 23, 2001
January 1, 2001
Redford successfully evokes the power of myth.
January 1, 2000
It is enjoyable in spite of its heavy sentimentality.
January 1, 2000
A movie that speaks well and truly to essentials in the kind of unhurried terms that most modern movies don't even dare to espouse.
January 1, 2000
A strong, memorable film, filled with rich dialogue and vital camera work.
January 1, 2000
A lightweight, modestly engaging yarn.
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