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The Legend of Billie Jean Quotes

  • Binx: (about Lloyd's pills) What are those, uppers and downers?
    Lloyd: They're for asthma, you want one?

  • Kid No. 1: (Billie Jean and Putter find three kids staring at them) Are you Billie Jean?
    Putter: You got it, bud.
    Kid #2: Somebody's just gotta help Kenny, he's in a lot of trouble.

  • Young Boy: Did you rob that liquor store in Galveston?
    Binx: Yep, that was us.
    Billie Jean: We did not.
    Young Customer: What about that school in Laredo? You burn it down?
    Billie Jean: No way, guy. We don't do schools.

  • Putter: Far out, I'm comin'!
    Billie Jean: This is serious, Putter!
    Putter: I can be serious, Billie Jean, please I can't stay here without you, I'll just die!
    Billie Jean: Go away, Putter!
    Putter: (to Ophelia) Billie Jean said that I can come, don't move!
    Putter: Billie Jean said that I can come, don't move!

  • Muldaur: (teenagers are filling the beach waiting for Billie Jean) They should cordoned off the beach.
    Muldaur: They should cordoned off the beach.
    Ringwald: They would've come in on surfboards.

  • Binx: Did you get vanilla?
    Billie Jean: Nope, they ran out of it.
    Binx: (sips the milkshake) Strawberry? You bought strawberry?
    Binx: Strawberry? You bought strawberry?
    Billie Jean: God, Bink, don't you ever get tired of vanilla?

  • Ringwald: (to Muldaur) I'm a policeman, you're a politician, and you're not runnin' for office here!
    Ringwald: I'm a policeman, you're a politician, and you're not runnin' for office here!

  • Woman in Pickup: Stop the car, it's her!
    Man in Pickup: Who?
    Woman in Pickup: Billie Jean, back there!

  • Girl in Camaro: Billie Jean, you wanna go to Mexico?
    Billie Jean: No, I can't
    Girl in Camaro: But they can't touch you down there.
    Billie Jean: I have to find my brother.

  • Binx: How can they say about us?
    Billie Jean: They can say whatever they want, we're news now

  • Lloyd: I'm done bein' your hostage.
    Billie Jean: Fine, I'll see you in jail!

  • Binx: I was scared.
    Billie Jean: So was I.
    Binx: Why were they shootin' at us?

  • Putter: Billie Jean, I don't feel good.
    Billie Jean: I wonder why, you only ate twelve Kit-Kats.

  • Putter: I'll be grounded till I'm thirty five years old.

  • Putter: If you don't let me out, I'm throwin' up over the front seat!

  • Binx: What's this?
    Putter: I think it's chicken.
    Binx: It doesn't taste like chicken.
    Ophelia: When you rich, food ain't supposed to take like what it really is.

  • Pyatt: Hubie and the truth have a way of not gettin' along with each other.

  • Ophelia: Would you look at those tits?
    Putter: I think they're gross.
    Ophelia: That's because you don't have any.

  • Binx: Hey, get your hand off of that!
    Hubie: What, your sister? Or your fagmobile?

  • Donna Davey: I have no idea what she wants to say. She can recite the Gettysburg Address for all I care.

  • Billie Jean: Fair is fair.

  • Billie Jean: Who wants to watch this!.
    Billie Jean: Who wants to watch this!
    Putter: I do!.
    Putter: I do!
    Ophelia: You like anything on the TV.

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