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July 12, 2014
personally, my best friend and i loved the movie. but as two teenage girls, we love making fun of anything and everything just to get a laugh. (the plot and animation of this movie made it extremely easy to do so) the sasquatch looked nothing like an actual sasquatch is supposed to look like, the father made a strange gurgling sound at the dinner table (i was rolling on the floor laughing), and the youngest davis family member, whom was so bland that i forget her name, even had her hair floating above her head a few times. the large number of mistakes in the animation of this movie definitely kept my friend and i watching, and wanting more. so even though it was one of the worst films that i have ever watched, im giving it five stars because i loved it for some strange reason.
½ February 27, 2010
Bad, bad, bad.
The adults laughed through the whole thing and the toddler was completely un-interested.
Poor animation, cheesy writing.
Super Reviewer
½ July 17, 2009
JESUS! I've seen some bad animation in my time, but this takes the biscuit...and then shits on said biscuit. Poor movement, repetitive backdrops, no texture to any surface and the depth is all off. The story itself is the typical crap you'd expect and jumps into stupidity. Suddenly the Bigfoot's can inflate themselves and float in the air. What the fuck? I have no idea how or why William Hurt ended up in this, but just pondering that, is more interesting than this entire film.
½ May 18, 2009
horrible story, animation and voice actors.
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