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The first three episodes of the popular Lone Ranger television series are edited together to form this Wild West adventure detailing the origins of the eponymous do-gooder. The notorious Cavendish Gang has ambushed an entire squad of Rangers, shooting every man in sight in an attempt to kill as many lawmen as possible. But their aim wasn't true, and one Ranger has miraculously escaped death. Now, with a little help from his Native American friend Tonto, the Lone Ranger will rise to ensure that justice prevails, and the Old West remains safe for everyone.


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The Legend of the Lone Ranger is a compilation of the first three episodes from the the 1949 tv series The Lone Ranger. It follows the Masked Man's origins as a Texas Ranger who was ambushed with five fellow rangers by outlaw Butch Cavendish, the Ranger's recovery with Tonto's help, why he conceals his identity with a mask, how he finds Silver, and their round-up and arrest of the Cavendish gang. While the television series had different plot lines as it went on unfortunately the one in the film is nearly the same as the Lone Ranger serial without the fun. The film relies to much on plot conveniences. Our heroes get lucky often eliminating any excitement when a problem is presented as it quickly is resolved. The episodes are clumsily edited together and noticeable where the episodes were stitched together. The plot lines are too simple and not a whole lot happens in its short run time. It drags out allot. We also have padding where we spent time nursing back the Lone Ranger, Silver the horse, and a character whose name I can't remember. The music is nothing noteworthy, but am disappointed that the theme is barely used here. To the film credit it does attempt to develop the Lone Ranger and his relation ship with Tonto. That however is not explored in what were given. Maybe the duo became more developed in the television series, but as a film its underdeveloped. The narrator was unneeded, but to his credit he did make things more interesting than they appeared to be. The acting is hokey and even cheesy at times. Granted this is Clayton Moore iconic role I didn't see anything special in what he brought to the character. Though I've only three episodes out of 221. You're better watching the serial or television series for this condense version brings no justice the Lone Ranger appeal.

Caesar Mendez
Caesar Mendez

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Six Texas Rangers rode in the sun. Six men of justice rode into an ambush with death for all but one. One lone survivor lay on the trail. Found there by Tonto, the brave Indian Tonto, he lived to tell the tale. His wounds quickly mended, and then in the night, six graves were put there to hide from the outlaws that one man lived to fight. He chose silver bullets, the sign of his name, a mask to disguise him, a great silver stallion, and thus began his fame. Hi-Yo, Silver! Hi-Yo, Silver, away! Hi-Yo, Silver! Hi-Yo, Silver, away! The Lone Ranger is his name! Clayton Moore IS THE Lone Ranger, and always will be.

James Kiester
James Kiester

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