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August 14, 2010
The main feature is an unrecommended extremely shallow/narrow FORTY minute biography, narrated by who-knows-who with a formal British accent. Of course, Nat's voice wafts in the background and there are 30-seconds performance snippets. But it doesn't add up to much. The narrator closes stating there are hundreds of unreleased NKC recordings just gathering dust in the Capitol vaults. I find THAT hard to believe.

Just skip the main feature entirely and move on to the extras. There the viewer will find about two dozen or so of the full songs that were snipped into the main event, mostly sourced from "The Nat King Cole Show." Taken together, it's nearly an hour of viewing time. At least 18 are solo vocals or with The Nat King Cole Trio, but there's also several interesting guest appearances - Oscar Peterson, Harry Belafonte, Sammy Davis Jr., Ella Fitzgerald, Johnny Mercer.

It looks as though the producers sized up the total royalties on these cuts - and figured they could repackage them with a lame biography and come out ahead. Zero resto work.

RECOMMENDATION: Unless you are a serious NKC completist, take a pass. If you want to meet Nat, there's better discs out there. I found "The Incomparable Nat King Cole" to be far more satisfying and I am pretty sure I saw the best of these cuts in that disc.
½ April 7, 2009
Wish You were Here Nat!!! Jazz Missing something..
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