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January 13, 2014
I own this as a bonus feature on the DVD and Blu-Ray of:
* Batman (1989)
August 22, 2013
Excelente documental del mundo del superhéroe.
January 22, 2013
This documentary is better than the last 20 Academy Award winning documentaries!!!
October 1, 2012
what is this? i will buy it now i you tell me.
April 28, 2012
hamil as joker would be enough for me to see it
April 7, 2012
superhero history films are neat
April 2, 2012
A history of Batman in the comics. Unlike "Look, Up in the Sky" which focused on Superman in his many forays into different mediums, this one focuses purely on the story of Batman from his beginnings on the page up to his modern day portrayal on the page. This is about the comics mostly, with little discussions about other mediums, but only little discussions. I still like it quite a bit, and I have been known to pop it on whenever I get into that Batman mood.
March 31, 2012
A nice little doc on the history of the caped crusader.
October 19, 2011
Amazing! They really give the Dark Knight the anime style treatment in this one. Loved every second of this!
August 11, 2011
Kevin Smith... ugh!!!
June 2, 2011
A good quick history of Batman with lots of great interviews from comic writers and artists and pop culture voices. It has lots great art work and covers all the basics nicely, although it could go into a few time periods a bit better.
April 29, 2011
Its before the new Batman-Nolan franchise, but still good, can be watched if u r a die hard Batman fan. :)
September 13, 2010
That enemy was so stupid .
February 8, 2010
I loved this! As a fan of Batman, i thought this was pretty cool.
Super Reviewer
January 15, 2010
A nice little doc on the history of the caped crusader.
November 12, 2009
oh my gosh i dont care about batman! no offese
August 22, 2009
if this is the one wiv heath ledger in then its the best lol cccc
July 17, 2009
I don't need to watch a history of batman - but thanks!
½ June 10, 2009
The Joker=Dark side of humanity
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