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Legends of the Fall Quotes

  • Tristan Ludlow: You guys look like a bunch of ice cream cones.

  • One Stab: Some people hear their own inner voices with great clearness and they live by what they hear. Such people become crazy, or they become legends.

  • Samuel Ludlow: Still hung over?
    Tristan Ludlow: Still drunk.

  • One Stab: Every warrior hopes a good death will find him. But Tristan couldn't wait, he went looking for his.

  • One Stab: Tristan died in the moon of the popping trees. He was last seen in the north country, hunting. His grave is unmarked, but it does not matter. He had always lived in the borderland, anyway. Somewhere between this world and the other. lt was a good death.

  • Susannah Finncannon: l have nowhere to send this letter. And l have no reason to believe you wish to receive it. l write it only for myself. l'll hide it away with all the other things left undone between us.

  • Alfred Ludlow: I followed all of the rules, man's and God's. And you, you followed none of them. And they all loved you more. Samuel, Father, and my... even my own wife.

  • One Stab: How I wanted to take scalps that day but it was not my kill
    One Stab: How I wanted to take scalps that day but it was not my kill.

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