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A sun-soaked drive through the California desert turns into a pitch-black nightmare for two vacationing teens in director Olaf Ittenbach's horrific roller coaster ride of supernatural mayhem. All William and Luke wanted to do was get away from it all and take a relaxing vacation from their hectic lives. When the unsuspecting pair discovers a small remote town inhabited by a malevolent blond man with a murderous plan to create an undead army, however, William and Luke must take up arms against a powerful force of darkness that threatens to consume all of humankind if not defeated before its evil influence spreads.


Michael Carr
as William
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Sort of like how I imagine Samuel Beckett would read while huffing accelerant.

Full Review… | March 20, 2003
Film Freak Central

Recommended solely to those who aspire for a career in blood-packets and explosions of green bile, Legion of the Dead is just a mess - in every sense of the word.

Full Review… | February 25, 2003

I'd try to explain but I'm not sure that's possible.

November 26, 2002

Audience Reviews for Legion of the Dead (Le6ion of the Dead)

Le6ion of the Dead (Olaf Ittenbach, 2001) If you've seen any of Olaf Ittenbach's films (he's probably best-known for 1999's Premutos: Lord of the Living Dead), then you know that, well, horror has never been his strong suit. He knows how to bring the gore, most of the time anyway, but actually scaring a viewer is well beyond his powers. And thus we have Ittenbach's short-lived foray into horror comedy. At least, I think this mess is supposed to be funny. Which would make it better than any other Ittenbach movie I've seen, which are all quite unintentionally hilarious. But that doesn't mean this isn't still a dog among dogs. In case you actually care, the almost-incoherent plot has to do with two idiots, William (the late Michael Carr, who left this as his last work in film, the poor guy) and his stoner buddy Luke (Ibid.'s Russell Friedenberg), who are supposed to meet a friend of theirs. Or so we hear in the beginning. (The friend never makes an appearance; in fact, that whole should-have-been-a-subplot goes away after a single scene.) After a long, rambling stratch of film in which they're kidnapped by a cranky old guy, we actually get to the plot of the movie, which involves the two of them stumbling into a small town in Texas that's about to be the site of the climactic battle between two factions of demons, one of whom (Maniacts' Kimberly Liebe) William falls in love with. While I will grudgingly admit that there are points in this movie where I was willing to allow that Ittenbach has a (slightly) better sense of comic pacing than he does a knack for horror, please, if you value your sanity, avoid this silliness. It's ninety minutes of your life you will never get back, and if it's not the worst movie in the world, that's only because Olaf Ittenbach has made movies other than this one. 1/2

Robert Beveridge
Robert Beveridge

After seeing the third Ittenbach film I can safely say I am done watching his stuff. This one (I saw the producer's cut) was the best but that isn't really saying a whole lot. The plot's all over the place as well as the acting and there's actually less gore than the other two I have seen but it's clearly better made and for more money. I wish I could say I was interested to see what he's done since Legion but.... no, not really.

A.D. Villarreal
A.D. Villarreal

Super Reviewer


My first taste of German splatter director Olaf Ittenbach and the film didn't turn out to be as bad as a lot of reviews suggested. The plot is all over the place but it's unpredictable and introduces a whole bunch of nutty characters early on who all merge together towards the end for the final showdown against a Demon God who's attempting to raise an army of the dead. Pretty funny at times too but some of the humour was a bit childish occassionally. But the film really does deliver some top-notch gore throughout which is really all I wanted to see. It's one that's far from great but also one you cannot accuse of being boring, so don't go into this one expecting too much and enjoy the chaos of it all!

Lee ?
Lee ?

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